Herd Mentality

When people follow the leader or others like a herd instead of thinking independently. Often seen when investors are deciding which startups to fund.

VC: You guys have a really strong team, exactly the type that we like to fund, but we just don't believe in the idea.
Kim: Did I mention that a16z decided to invest in us yesterday.
VC: Wait. Don't leave. I think we started things off on the wrong foot.

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To incrementally improve something, like an application feature or personal abilities.

"We need to level-up the user registration process before we go live."

"You need to level-up your people skills."

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    Adding game elements to normally not game related software or processes in order to increase engagement.

    A: User testing has shown that users don't like our accounting app.
    B: We should really be adding some gamification.
    A: Will that make the app more useful?
    B: No, but more fun!

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      To the moon

      A phrase often used by those in the cryptocurrency community. Usually used when the value of currency goes up high very rapidly.

      Bitcoin Jackson: WOW! One bitcoin is now worth $900! And it's only gonna go up! Up to the right and to the moon!!

      A month later....

      Bitcoin John: Hey Jackson, so I heard that you made a ton of money from bitcoins. Did you invest at its peak?
      Bitcoin Jackson: yeah.... about that... I don't want to talk about it.

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        An acronym for "Subject Matter Expert". Generally a person designated as the expert in a particular technology, process, or subject area within a company or organization. Often the title is an oxymoron and is given through a bureaucratic process where the person designated as the so called "expert" knows less about the subject than others yet insists on inserting themselves into the decision making process despite their inferior knowledge. They derive their power via their title rather than any actual factual information they may know.

        The IT department can't install Chrome because the Browser SME declared that no more than 2 browsers will be supported and he choose IE and Firefox. He didn't provide any factual basis for his decision when it was announced but he did note that he was the browser SME and thus everyone had to abide by his decision.

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          Uber of...

          Commonly used by startup founders to compare their mediocre startup or idea to the startup unicorn Uber.

          Startup Founder: We're the Uber of food delivery.
          VC: Uhhh... so is everyone else.

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          • iceariel13 iceariel13

            Yep, seamless, delivery,com, munchery, caviar...the list never ends

            almost 9 years ago
          • N.Hemingway N.Hemingway

            You should additionally add "Facebook of..." probably the most heard phrase since 2010 ;D

            almost 9 years ago

          Engineer Unicorn

          An engineer that is competent, good looking, dresses well and is not socially awkward.

          John: How come no other engineers are like David?
          Mary: He's an engineer unicorn. They are rare.

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          • torbenberger torbenberger

            The legend says some of them can be found here http://www.engineerunicorns.com

            almost 9 years ago
          • employeeNumbaOne employeeNumbaOne

            "Unicorn" is a common term for an engineer (usually front-end) who also has good taste in design and is able to contribute to UX early on. But "unicorn" is also used for startups that turn out to be breakout successes, like Uber and Airbnb. Silicon Valley really likes unicorns.

            almost 9 years ago


          A catch-all word the rest of the world can use for 90% of this dictionary, while still remaining smug about having used it.
          *Works great in movies as well.

          Joe: I don't get it...
          Bill: It's simple: I put it in the Cloud! Duh.
          Joe: Oh, okay. I get it now.

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            Startup Social Worth

            When your Silicon Valley social worth is based on which startups you have founded or work at.

            Sidecar Employee at bar: There are so many Uber employees here. I have no chance with these women

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              A descriptive word given to something that is running on someone else's computer.

              We will run our product in the cloud, so it is accessible to users on the internet.

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                Subject Matter Expert.

                Steve is the SME for the Matlab project. Talk to him for guidance on that.

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                  Refers to the variety of technologies used to build and maintain your website, app, or service. Might also refer to a large amount of pancakes.

                  Son: Hey pops, wanna throw another stack on my plate? Pass the syrup too.
                  Pops: No son, your stack needs to maintainable, don't let your code base get out of control!

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                    Snack Dick

                    Like a regular dick but smaller and tucked behind the ear. Used by Dinesh on Silicon Valley to describe Pied Piper's logo


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                      Hockey Stick Growth

                      A way to describe the type of fast growth that VC likes which is up and to the right like a hockey stick. When pitched by founders, it is often accompanied by a y axis that isn't labeled or a growth percentage that doesn't include initial value.

                      Matthew: We experienced 1200% user growth in the past week. Our growth is as hockey stick as it gets.
                      Sam: How many users did you start off with.
                      Matthew: You know... I didn't need to take this meeting. VCs are lining up to fund me

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                        Crushing it

                        Achieving exceptional success with something.

                        Jess is totally crushing it with her new Uber-for-VC-funding app. She's already been hunted.


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                        • charlesjo charlesjo

                          Founders use this term until "Awesome Journey."

                          almost 9 years ago


                        Your service has been made so simple to use, it works with 1 click of a button, like http://uber.com

                        Person 1: Dude! If we uber-fied raising funding from VC's we'd be gods!
                        Person 2: ...opens XCode

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                          Your product or service has been featured on http://ProductHunt.com

                          Person 1: Dude! This app is sick. Did you get hunted yet?
                          Person 2: No. What's that?
                          Person 1: Never mind...

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                            10x Engineer

                            A concept sometimes used in Silicon Valley to describe an engineer that is 10x more productive than an average engineer although the 10x metric is figurative. Sometimes referred to as "Ninjas", these engineers are highly sought after by all tech companies.

                            Jim: You gave me 100 resumes but none of these guys are 10x engineers. Why hire a few of these guys to slow us down when a 10x engineer is so much more productive?

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                            A very large number of bytes. 10^24 bytes to be exact, but this term can never be used in serious context, so it doesn't really matter.

                            Dude 1: Dude how much porn do you have on there?
                            Dude 2: Yottabytes dude.

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                              To undermine the confidence of somebody to gain advantage in a situation. On Silicon Valley, VC firms neg Richard to bring down the valuation of Pied Piper but Erlich counters by "negging the neg" to create funding demand for their startup.


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