The Sexiest Investors of Silicon Valley

It's every founder's goal to make something incredible that the world can use and immortalize their name for. But sometimes it takes a bit of a financial push your dream tech company of yours in the right direction.

These are some of the sexiest and hottest VC's in the Bay that many founders can't get enough of. If you ever go to a someone's home in SV, and there are pin up pictures of these people on the wall, don't be surprised.

These investors are so hot you'll melt in your seat and perhaps never want look at a Victoria's Secret catalog the same way again.

Marc Andreessen

It's no coincidence that almost half of Silicon Valley gets sexually aroused when looking at an egg. Marc Andreessen is creator of Andreessen Horowitz, one of the biggest VC firms in the world.markbeard


Ron Conway

With the chin of a god and zen like presence of a mystical investor unicorn, Ron Conway makes his way on the list.

Ron Conway has been an early investor in Google, Facebook and Twitter among many other huge successes. Just watching the way that people like Paul Graham (founder of incubator, Y Combinator) flare up when in his presence goes to show how much people people aspire to be like him.




Sameer Ghandi

Sameer is the former head of Accel Partners and is most notably known for his investment in Dropbox. Some refer to him as Dropboxer Sameer because his incredible eyes and rock hard portfolio makes founders want to drop their boxers when seeing him.



Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman is the co-founder if LinkedIn and ranked #341 on the list of the world's richest people. Many people sympathize with his incredible bounce back story and attitude which makes him not only eye candy, but someone relatable and down to earth.




Jack Dorsey

Unlike the implications of the commonly bastardized expression, his beard changed everything. He keeps it unkempt reminiscent to a style popularized in San Francisco's very own Golden Gate Park, in deep parallel to his pride for the city. Nothing screams hot like someone who just doesn't give a fuck about what's happening to his face.




Bill Mari

Bill is a venture capitalist and the managing partner at Google Ventures. Many people say that eyes are the window to a persons soul, and Harris's eyes will make you melt faster than a Macbook Pro in the middle of a forest fire. All he has to say is "Google Ventures," to get any guy or girl in bed with him. But with great power comes great responsibility which makes him that much more sexy.




Sam Altman 

The current head of Y Combinator. Just watching the founder intro videos that his seed firm requires their applicants to create shows just how willing they'd be to do anything to get this man's attention.





Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant, aka, Naval No You Can't is a hard-hitting investor and creator of AngelList, who is known for playing incredibly hard to get. Rumors say that he won't even look at you unless he's read about you on AngelList. But to many that's what makes him that much more sexy. As the old adage goes, the heart wants what it can't have.



Sean Parker

So hot that Justin Timberlake had to play him in The Social Network. To emphasize how much of a stud he is, they purposely had him be introduced to millions of viewers as the guy who just woke up to a half naked girl in Stanford underwear.



Marc Benioff

He is the founder, chairman and CEO of, a cloud computing company. With his scruff exterior, he has a body and mind that everyone in SV goes gaga over. Many women couldn't keep it together last year upon hearing that he was commencement speaker for UC Berkeley's class of 2015.




Feel free to comment on who you think is the sexiest investor in the valley in the comment section below.