Definitions for changing the world


Changing the world

Outside of Silicon Valley this can mean curing cancer, eliminating Malaria and solving world hunger but within SV it means a bigger iPhone, an iPhone the size of a tablet, an iPhone strapped to your wrist or Yo (

A synonym of "This changes everything" and "This changes everything. Again"

Founder of Silicon Valley Dictionary: I am so glad to be working on products that are changing the world everyday

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Y Combinator

A label you add to your startup's intro (if chosen) that your company exchanges 7% of protected equity to arbitrary increase your valuation with.

After getting accepted from Y Combinator, my 3 man team from [insert top 5 engineering school here], we launched our [insert undeveloped idea that sounds good on paper here], and raised 1.5 million dollars from Demo Day because we're changing the world.

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A person that sits frequently in hi-design coffee bistros, that claims to be changing the world with his big eco-friendly & non-scalable idea.

While in reality this harmless, cobweb-bearded, latte-sipping, fixie-cycling creature camps out days on end, in mood-light-coffee-bistros leeching on free wifi and lemon water without having a remote clue of what it actually takes to hustle and hack his way to a MVP and beyond.

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