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Ramen Profitable

When a startup makes enough money to pay for the founders' living expenses. To read more check out Paul Graham's post on it

Matthew: Just because it's called ramen profitable doesn't mean you need to be eating ramen all the time. There are other foods in the same price range.
Kilim: Wait I don't?

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    The Five Dollar Footlong Lean Startup Diet

    When a startup founder lives off of five dollar foot long sandwiches to save money for his or her early stage venture. They buy a single five dollar foot long subway sandwich, eat half of it in the afternoon and the other half at dinner.

    Since Julius is on the five dollar day long diet, he only eats footlong subway sandwiches everyday to conserve his companies startup money. It's kind of sad.

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    The Steve Jobs Diet

    A dietary regimen containing mostly fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables and grains with a higher to average ratio of apples and carrots. Absolutely no animal products.

    I decided to go on the Steve Jobs Diet because Steve is my icon. That's why there are only apples and carrots in the house.

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      Startup 15

      Similar to Freshman 15 except this weight gain is caused by alcohol and catered meals that your startup offers you.

      John: My startup needs to stop feeding me. I already have Startup 15 but luckily there's a gym at work.

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        Soylent Diet

        Refers to the diet of busy entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Instead of eating like normal human beings these entrepreneurs drink Soylent, a powered meal replacement, because it is more efficient than chewing and using knife and fork.

        Check out this New York Times article for more about this interesting phenomenon.

        Matthew: Wow have you heard of Soylent? It will allow me to work throughout the day without wasting any time to eat like these foodies out here. I only wish it came in a backpack so I could attach a feeding tube between it and my stomach and have it on the go.

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          Soylent Profitable

          A term that can be used interchangeably with ramen profitable.
          Basically means the same thing as ramen profitable except founders of the startup are drinking soylent.
          With the increase in popularity, its rich nutrition and affordability, more and more health-concerned entrepreneurs are changing their diet to soylent.

          "Soylent profitable is the new Ramen profitable." - Kim-Mai Cutler

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