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A mythical University in Canada where many good Engineers and Computer Scientists come from.

Sam: "Where are all these Canadians from?"
Matthew: "We hired 10 interns and 20 full-times from Waterloo. They get shit done because if we don't hire them, they'll have to work for Blackberry."

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Certification that you've read case studies on how others have succeeded.

Steve: Have you started your business yet?
Jeremey: No I'm getting my MBA. I'll start my first business when I'm 30 and have a wife and kids.

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Waterloo's most difficult and arguably best engineering discipline. Noted by its difficult admission process, large number of top tech emloyees/startup founders and highest suicide rate (per student enrolled) in Canada

Person A: what did they guys behind the MYO at thalmic labs study?

Person B: They were the fortunate few that actually made it through Mechatronics at Waterloo without killing themselves

Person A: isn't that the same as they guys behind bufferbox and kik messenger?

Person B: Yeah, they are probably all laughing at their classmates at Google, Facebook and Apple who took offers over starting their own company.

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TLDR: a multidisciplinary engineering field that combines software, electrical and computer, and mechanical engineering.

Sometimes referred as robotics, mechatronics is the most promising discipline in the engineering world. The brightest students are competing to enter this program for it's reputation and employment rate by the top notch companies in the industry(Microsoft, Google, Apple, Tesla etc). University of Waterloo is known as the best university offering this program. Rumor has it that they are the ones came up with this concept and terminology back in the day.

Person 1: Dude, I got accepted into Mechatronics Engineering.
Person 2: The hell is mechatronics?
Person 1: Story short, we're going to build robots!

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University of Toronto

A University in Toronto that does not give a single fuck about its undergraduates, and filled with over-competitive kids who think that success is a zero-sum game.

Student 1: "Hello, I am your new TA. I will be working 35 hours per week, and be payed below minimum wage."

Student 2: "I think the University is abusing you"

University Exec: "GTFO if you are not happy."

Student 1: "Sigh. I wish I got into Waterloo"

Student 2: "We all do..."

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Undeclared Engineering Student

This person was smart enough to get into the engineering college of a university and yet undecisive enough to not know what he wanted to actually pick.

My name is Jimmy and I'm an undeclared engineering student trying to decide between, BioE, EECS, MechE, and Civil Engineering.

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Grad School Scapegoat Purgatory

The situation in which one purposely enrolling into grad school with the intention of delaying the inevitable fate of getting a job or starting a company.

Lewis: I enjoyed my time at UCLA so much that I decided to go to grad school?
Jack: Do you plan on going into resarch?
Lewis: Well no. I just want to chill and be in grad school scapegoat purgatory for awhile.

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

This EECS major I met just codes and plays DOTA all day when he's finished working.

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B.S. Computer Science, Freeloading Minor

The distinction a CS student receives upon graduating college having written minimal code. This is done by free loading off of team members during group projects and copying code from peers during individual assignments. If they graduate having written no code, they get a double major.

Brad: Did John write any code in his 4 years here? I just want to see if he got B.S. CS, Freloading Minor or B.S. CS, B.A. Freeloading

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Button's Law

Inspired by Benjamin Button and Moore's Law, this is an observation that the average age of new engineers & entrepreneurs decreases by approximately 1 with every passing year. With online education becoming commonplace, people all over the world are able to learn at a faster pace. Critics of Button's Law argue that this doesn't make any sense because average age will eventually reach 0 but they are wrong.

Matthew: Damn did you read about that 7 year old entrepreneur? He started his own car company to compete with Tesla and has already raised funding.
Sarah: Jesus. Back when I was 7 I was building sand castles.

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