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Code Gay

When a developer is attracted to another developer's code. Made popular by Silicon Valley

Added by zazpowered zazpowered almost 2 years ago

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Three Commas Club

The three comma club is an all exclusive club limited to those whose net worth is valued at a billion dollars or more. The three commas are meant to symbolize the three commas that are present within the billion integer: 1,000,000,000.

My uncle started destroying half of his house out of anger upon finding he was now only worth 980,000,000 dollars and was no longer a member of the Three Comma club.

Added by yungsnuggie yungsnuggie over 1 year ago

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A giant tech corporate founded and headed by Gavin Belson. A company that gets into a legal dispute with Pied Pier for copyright infringement.
It can also be used interchangeably for fu**ing things up all the time.

Zeeshan: how did your exams go?
Matt: Man, I hoolied it up again! I gotta study harder next time.

Added by svhunt svhunt almost 2 years ago

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