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Terms Were Not Disclosed

Usually refers to an acquihire or an acquisition in which the price was not big enough to be impressive.

Google has acquired Yo. The terms were not disclosed.

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Yahoo Purple

The signal of a bad and usually old fashioned product. If the product seems innovative and actually useful you will quickly find out that it is like a typical Yahoo app (sucks/requires a Yahoo account) and there are other apps that do the same thing but better. The only exception is Yahoo Fantasy Sports

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    Standup desk

    Desk for posers.

    Jack: Dude I got a standup desk because I want to look cool and all. You know it's a thing these days.

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      A thin viscous or greasy film surrounding a void of hot air that must inevitably and unexpectedly burst.

      Proverb: Build house on bubble, end up with pile of sticks.
      Believe in the bubble; believe in the emptiness that appears substantial.

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        A set of powerpoint slides that visually represent a product or software architecture in such a beautiful way but it really hasn't been built or tested just yet.

        Wow what a great presentation and a real great idea, here is $20M. We hope the product they just presented isn't just Marketing+Architecture

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        Lean Domaining

        Is a strategy used by scrappy startup founders to acquire domains from domain squatters for the lowest price possible. You email the squatter under the guise of a young boy trying to set up a website for his local church group. By using bad grammar (and just sounding dumb in general) you need to sell to the squatter how little money you have, how much hardship you are going through and how much that website will mean to your community. After selling you the domain, the squatter may read your $35m Series A on Techcrunch but that's just business.

        hey john,

        I'm new to the internet i sw that you own my church group has made me in charge of setting up a web page. I heard that geocities would be a good place to start. u recommend perl? anyways i have $50. please help me out


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          Bear Goggles

          Similar to beer goggles, bear goggles refer to a the influence of studying at UC Berkeley on one's visual perception, whereby one slowly finds someone attractive who would not have been attractive before studying at UC Berkeley.

          James: What do you think about her? She's pretty hot, right?
          Dave: What are you on? You said she was hideous last semester. Did your optometrist prescribe you bear goggles?

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          Digital Detox

          Taking a few days away from email, social media, and anything else that involves a glowing screen.
          Practicing major restraint — no Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. for an entire weekend, or any other length of time.

          "Don't worry if you don't hear from me this weekend — I'm doing a digital detox, so I won't see your message until Monday."

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            A piece of hardware that doesn’t function anymore because it was tampered with.
            You seriously messed up that upgrade, and now your entire device has been rendered useless.

            "I tried to install the most recent version of Windows on my old Mac, but it totally bricked the whole computer."

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              Valley Ageism

              Belief that older software engineers aren't cool because they haven't learned the newest programming languages or aren't willing to work 16 hours a day because of family commitments. There's also pressure to do well at a young age due to the celebrity status of young entrepreneurs/engineers such as Mark Zuckerburg

              The Carver: Your algorithm is solid. It's really good schema.
              Richard: Ok... Thanks
              The Carver: I thought you'd be younger. What are you 25?
              Richard: 26
              The Carver: Yikes


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                When companies use their own products, often in beta, to test and work out any bugs.
                Dogfooding often results in companies catching glitches in their apps before they're released to the public.

                "They really should have dogfooded that app before they released it — there were so many bugs!"

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                  This changes everything

                  Nothing has changed. Pure marketing


                  Introducing the iPhone 4. This changes everything.

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                  • charlesjo charlesjo

                    Love it. Although, I did love my iPhone 4S. And it still runs like ALL Apple products I have ever owned!

                    almost 9 years ago
                  • thepaleking thepaleking

                    Doesn't change much to be honest, 99% marketing 1% decent phone

                    over 8 years ago

                  To Get Eduardofucked

                  Getting your equity diluted, while thinking that no one in the company hates you enough to fuck you over. This happened to a Facebook founder, Eduordo Saverin, by Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker. Goes under Zuckerberging and pretty much why he sued the fuck out of Facebook and Mark later on.

                  Let's Eduardofuck a bunch of Stanford MBAs who can do marketing and who don't know how cap tables work. We can promise them dilutable common stock and save a ton of money.

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                    Zombie Startup

                    VC funded companies that don't close their doors after funding runs out, but also does not grow significantly. They typically generate enough revenues to continue business, but the VC is unable to divest. As a result, the company tends to shed all of its brainpower and continues to operate as a brainless zombie for many years.

                    All of the engineering talent has left the company. What's left is a zombie startup that should continue to operate, but nobody's ever going to make money there.

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                    Internet Explorer

                    Satan's child.

                    Greg: "Hey Joe, it looks like our users on IE are reporting the website is flipped upside down."
                    Joe: "Well tell them to get themselves the fuck on a decent browser."
                    Greg: "I did, but they're telling me the download link for Chrome is redirected to that Rick Roll YouTube video"
                    Joe: "Mother fuck. Looks like we're gonna have to sacrifice another intern to IE's Dark Lord."

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                    From the show Silicon Valley. It means to get a donation for your project from a "bro" or "brogrammer." Previously used in non-developer circles to mean to get a loan from a friend in which the receiver has no intention of paying back that loan.

                    "Let's get those bronations going."

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                      Janitor at startup

                      The title an asshole CEO (generally a sole founder) puts on their Linkedin title to show they have the ability to fire anybody.

                      Random dude: Where do you work?
                      Albert: I am at the greatest game company around called BigVikingGames
                      Random dude: Cool, what do you do there?
                      Albert: I am the janitor, I just take out the trash!
                      Random dude: cool story bro

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                        Ten Dollar Solution

                        Anything that works infinitely better than that "new thing" and the superior technology is at least 30 years old.

                        Trying to follow a ballgame on a Real Audio plugin vs. a ten dollar transistor radio.

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                          No Eeyores Rule

                          A rule where startups should avoid hiring people who are pessimistic, gloomy, depressed in order to prevent decreased morale.
                          A term first proposed by Jason Calacanis in this tweet ->

                          Employee #1: Jack I really don't think you should hire chris because you know no Eeyores rule.
                          Nontechnical CEO: Cool. Let's look for another engineer unicorn.

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                            Churn Rate

                            Refers to the speed at which you can churn butter. Interns are often graded on this criteria. Higher churn rate makes you more legit in the valley.

                            Intern: do I really have to churn all of this butter?
                            Boss: yes it is vital for our equitable stability consumer vision internet of things platform.

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