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Broken As Designed: A product fails to perform as expected, because the company making it intentionally did it that way (either from misunderstanding, or on purpose)

Windows 95's auto-redial being limited to 100 redials.

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Boat Anchor

Computer so obsolete, It no longer Serves a purpose (i.e. Apple III's)

"Whoa! That's a boat anchor."

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To Tswift

To call out or threaten to call out a company on social media and have it actually mean something due to your popularity

I know my performance at work hasn't been the best but I think firing me is a little too drastic. Now you know I have 300,000 followers on Twitter. I don't like to do it but I will tswift the company if you don't change your mind.

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Valley Ageism

Belief that older software engineers aren't cool because they haven't learned the newest programming languages or aren't willing to work 16 hours a day because of family commitments. There's also pressure to do well at a young age due to the celebrity status of young entrepreneurs/engineers such as Mark Zuckerburg

The Carver: Your algorithm is solid. It's really good schema.
Richard: Ok... Thanks
The Carver: I thought you'd be younger. What are you 25?
Richard: 26
The Carver: Yikes

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A phone that is bigger than an average phone but smaller than a tablet

Tim: That thing looks like shit. What is it?
Sarah: Oh it's my phablet

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Technical Social Media Manager

Somebody who in addition to being able to retweet and favorite tweets mentioning their company's name also knows basic HTML.

I've managed to carve a nice niche for myself by learning how to bold text using html

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Junior Software Engineer

An engineer that fixes bugs and writes tests.

Tim: I've just been fixing typos and writing tests for all the shitty code other engineers are putting out. When will I do real work?
Harold: Shut up and keep working

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Zombie Startup

VC funded companies that don't close their doors after funding runs out, but also does not grow significantly. They typically generate enough revenues to continue business, but the VC is unable to divest. As a result, the company tends to shed all of its brainpower and continues to operate as a brainless zombie for many years.

All of the engineering talent has left the company. What's left is a zombie startup that should continue to operate, but nobody's ever going to make money there.

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Someone who wants to start a company so he or she can garner social proof from it all, instead of someone who has an innovative idea that could possibly make money.

Although alot of the Wharton MBA's are quite intelligent, many of them are wantrepreneurs who just want to tell girls that they are the CEOs of companies.

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A site of hyperbole that occasionally masquerades as a news source when it wants to feel relevant.

TimeWaster: ”Did you see that article on Buzzfeed News?”
NormalPerson: “No..I was reading real news”

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Buzzfeed Writer

A mediocre writer, but decent list builder. Their article titles usually follow the model: [Number] [Subject] So [Hyperbole] You [Claim]

10 Clickbaity Titles So Enticing You Have To Click

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From the show Silicon Valley. It means to get a donation for your project from a "bro" or "brogrammer." Previously used in non-developer circles to mean to get a loan from a friend in which the receiver has no intention of paying back that loan.

"Let's get those bronations going."

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TLDR: a multidisciplinary engineering field that combines software, electrical and computer, and mechanical engineering.

Sometimes referred as robotics, mechatronics is the most promising discipline in the engineering world. The brightest students are competing to enter this program for it's reputation and employment rate by the top notch companies in the industry(Microsoft, Google, Apple, Tesla etc). University of Waterloo is known as the best university offering this program. Rumor has it that they are the ones came up with this concept and terminology back in the day.

Person 1: Dude, I got accepted into Mechatronics Engineering.
Person 2: The hell is mechatronics?
Person 1: Story short, we're going to build robots!

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Internet Explorer

Satan's child.

Greg: "Hey Joe, it looks like our users on IE are reporting the website is flipped upside down."
Joe: "Well tell them to get themselves the fuck on a decent browser."
Greg: "I did, but they're telling me the download link for Chrome is redirected to that Rick Roll YouTube video"
Joe: "Mother fuck. Looks like we're gonna have to sacrifice another intern to IE's Dark Lord."

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Medium Data

The hipster data scientist's new topic of discussion. “Big Data” has become a meaningless cliché, so much so that complaining about Big Data being a cliché is also a cliché.

PM: Can you look at this set of big data? It is 200GB.
Data scientist: That is actually only medium data according to

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Pokemon Recruiting

Giving preference to job candidates based on having unusual non-job-related characteristics - with the goal of collecting one of each kind to your team. Based on the collectible toy with the theme "Gotta Catch 'Em All".

Yuliya: Hey look, a resume from a Bulgarian engineer who speaks Urdu and plays the ukelele in her spare time.

Andy: Wow, serious Pokemon points there.

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Modifying a free site or service to make money, usually after building a user base.

"Hey, our users love the cat pictures. Now that we have them hooked, let's talk monetization."
"Great, how about we insert a bunch of annoying pop-up video ads?"

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BFI Operator

Brute Force and Ignorance. A BFI operator is someone (usually in a corporate software development environment) who uses set policies and methodologies fanatically while studiously avoiding any rational thought. BFI operators do not last long in the Valley.

Dave: Did you see how Tom re-instantiates the same class each time he uses it, rather than referencing it? A total BFI operator!
Larry: That's how he used to do it at Redmond.
Steve: What's he doing in the Valley?

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Code Grinder

A suit-wearing, cubicle inhabiting minion who is one of thousands of identical minions hired to write banking systems or payroll packages in RPG and other unspeakable horrors. See BFI operator.

Dave: Hey, my friend Tom over in Seattle said he's been working 6 years on the same reporting module but never seen the whole project.
Larry: Let's take a minute's silence for all the code grinders out there.
(brief 5-second pause)
Larry: Ok, enough of that, let's get to the boardroom - they've got macarons from Tout Sweet.

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Lemming Clicker

Someone who will click on any link they are sent, often happily entering their banking passwords as well.

Dave: So how do we leverage our mailing database to drive adoption?
Larry: We could email them an invitation link.
Steve: That will get the lemming clickers, but the majority won't click through.

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