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Authority branding

Authority branding enables a person or a company to be perceived as the go-to expert in their industry.
Also called authority positioning.

Ida Giroday is an international authority branding consultant and success coach for women entrepreneurs. She helps her clients become the leader in their field and fast-track their success.

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    TLDR: a multidisciplinary engineering field that combines software, electrical and computer, and mechanical engineering.

    Sometimes referred as robotics, mechatronics is the most promising discipline in the engineering world. The brightest students are competing to enter this program for it's reputation and employment rate by the top notch companies in the industry(Microsoft, Google, Apple, Tesla etc). University of Waterloo is known as the best university offering this program. Rumor has it that they are the ones came up with this concept and terminology back in the day.

    Person 1: Dude, I got accepted into Mechatronics Engineering.
    Person 2: The hell is mechatronics?
    Person 1: Story short, we're going to build robots!

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      Pokemon Recruiting

      Giving preference to job candidates based on having unusual non-job-related characteristics - with the goal of collecting one of each kind to your team. Based on the collectible toy with the theme "Gotta Catch 'Em All".

      Yuliya: Hey look, a resume from a Bulgarian engineer who speaks Urdu and plays the ukelele in her spare time.

      Andy: Wow, serious Pokemon points there.

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        Code Grinder

        A suit-wearing, cubicle inhabiting minion who is one of thousands of identical minions hired to write banking systems or payroll packages in RPG and other unspeakable horrors. See BFI operator.

        Dave: Hey, my friend Tom over in Seattle said he's been working 6 years on the same reporting module but never seen the whole project.
        Larry: Let's take a minute's silence for all the code grinders out there.
        (brief 5-second pause)
        Larry: Ok, enough of that, let's get to the boardroom - they've got macarons from Tout Sweet.

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          Netflix and Chill

          Code for come over to my place and have sex.

          Guy1: Hey dude, you wanna netflix and chill later?
          Guy2: what?! No offense, but I'm not into guys.
          Guy1: Wait, I thought we were just gonna watch netflix and chill...
          Guy2: OMG, netflix and chill means let's have sex. you dumbo.

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            WFIO, pronounced whiff-eee-o, is an acronym which stands for "We're Fucked; It's Over." Used to describe that horrible moment when an individual is certain their startup is dead. A typical entrepreneur will experience three of these per week.

            Board of Directors: How was revenue this quarter?

            CEO: WFIO

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              Short for "Long On Promises, Short On Delivery".
              A product with a lot of hype and not living to its created expectations upon shipment.

              "They're too LOPSOD."

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                Also known as "The Internet".

                Bill: "I'm currently working in Cloud-Based Employment Solutions Research."
                Ted: "Are you looking for a job on Craigslist?"
                Bill: "....yes."

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                  Anyone who use personal computers only for writing, just like a typewriter machine.

                  "Do you think he can upload these on the website?"
                  "Nah, he's just a worder!"

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                    Content that is sensationalist to attract clicks and page views for ad revenue. It is commonly employed by sites such as Buzzfeed and Upworthy.

                    This is MOST amazing thing you will see all year! Must see!!

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                      BFI Operator

                      Brute Force and Ignorance. A BFI operator is someone (usually in a corporate software development environment) who uses set policies and methodologies fanatically while studiously avoiding any rational thought. BFI operators do not last long in the Valley.

                      Dave: Did you see how Tom re-instantiates the same class each time he uses it, rather than referencing it? A total BFI operator!
                      Larry: That's how he used to do it at Redmond.
                      Steve: What's he doing in the Valley?

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                        Supporting a cause in the laziest way possible, usually on social media. You feel like you're helping without getting out of your chair.

                        "I see in my feed you retweeted every single ice bucket challenge video. You should get an award for your slacktivism."

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                          this one's great

                          almost 9 years ago
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                          Thought this could be on Slack which would make audience even smaller. "I've done my part in the movement since I discussed it in my private Slack group."

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                        Fired or laid off.

                        "Jeff was here last week, but he was uninstalled on Monday."

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                          Alternative usage is to show the world what great taste you have about apps. "I had to uninstall Yahoo Weather. Graphics overdone."

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                        Wikipedia Kid

                        That co-worker who doesn’t really know the job, but pretends to by just slapping together everyone else’s contributions.

                        Illustration of a Wikipedia Kid (from “The IT Crowd”):
                        Mr Reynholm (the big boss): Jen, did I just see you googling “IT manager”?
                        Jen (the IT manager): Um…

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                          Lemming Clicker

                          Someone who will click on any link they are sent, often happily entering their banking passwords as well.

                          Dave: So how do we leverage our mailing database to drive adoption?
                          Larry: We could email them an invitation link.
                          Steve: That will get the lemming clickers, but the majority won't click through.

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                            The smooth-talking member of the marketing department who signs up users by promising that the next version of the product will have features which are unplanned, extremely difficult to implement, and/or in violation of the laws of physics. By Thursday.

                            Dave: Did you see that Tom promised the client that end-to-end encryption would be in the next release?!
                            Larry: But we don't control the user's operating system - how is that even possible?
                            Steve: Somebody better give that marketroid a crash course in reality.

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                              Modifying a free site or service to make money, usually after building a user base.

                              "Hey, our users love the cat pictures. Now that we have them hooked, let's talk monetization."
                              "Great, how about we insert a bunch of annoying pop-up video ads?"

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                                Someone who works at an Apple Genius Bar to fix and teach you how to use your Macbooks and iPhones

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                                The third magical tool in the Silicon Valley (more San Francisco) designer tool box.

                                A total poser. He had a MBP and iPhone. Even a decent tat. But he didn't have a Moleskine. That's what gave it away that he wasn't a real serious UX Designer.

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                                Network Effect

                                The effect that a user of a product has to the value of the product to other users. In startups this commonly refers to the additional value that each customer will gain with each additional customer that the startup acquires.

                                I didn't really want to use Snapchat but all of my friends use it to communicate with each other so I almost had to.

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