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Bus Factor

The number of people that need to be hit by a bus before their project is dead.

"Our engineers work in teams of 10 for the higher bus factor"

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  • employeeNumbaOne employeeNumbaOne

    It is well known that engineers make a "SPOF" sound when hit by a bus.

    about 8 years ago

Vanity Metrics

Useless data that looks good but does not necessarily correlate real success.

Bob: Our website gets a million views daily!
Mark: How many of them are you converting to paid users?
Bob: Well.. we are still working on that.

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Ramen Profitable

When a startup makes enough money to pay for the founders' living expenses. To read more check out Paul Graham's post on it

Matthew: Just because it's called ramen profitable doesn't mean you need to be eating ramen all the time. There are other foods in the same price range.
Kilim: Wait I don't?

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