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A 5.0 student from MIT, the technical founder is a lone wolf who thinks business people are completely useless. You're a social media manager? Get the fuck out of here. His code is perfectly architected, clean and commented in all the right places. His startups fail because he doesn't think writing CSS is worth his time and his sites look like shit as a result.

Technical founder: I was almost about to team up with a non-technical cofounder but then he told me he wanted a user interface to manage our sites content.

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    I’m a sarasota life coach & Tech Aficionado with a background in Computer Engineer and Management. Based out of San Francisco, I excel at bridging the gap between technical and non-technical teams and creating technologies and products that people love. I currently work at Facebook as a Technology Partner. In my spare time, I enjoy being in the outdoors, camping and the occasional racquetball game. I’ve had a lifelong passion for computers and have had a career that has spanned over a number of industries.

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    @blog Congrats, you're an

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