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A safe polyfill which doesn’t modify global objects and, as a polyfill, uses the native implementation if it is available. Coined by Sindre Sorhus, who has made many of them.

Bob: And we'll just throw this in as an ES6 polyfill....
Jack: No - it's a ponyfill - don't mix them up. See the `unicorn | approved` tag in the README? Yes, ponyfill - not polyfill.

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  • focusaurus focusaurus

    Ponyfills are explicitly instructed in the README docs to NOT use the native implementation, even if it is available.

    4 months ago
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A catch-all word the rest of the world can use for 90% of this dictionary, while still remaining smug about having used it.
*Works great in movies as well.

Joe: I don't get it...
Bill: It's simple: I put it in the Cloud! Duh.
Joe: Oh, okay. I get it now.

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