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Word was first used by the forty-fifth president of the United States on an online news and social networking service called Twitter, where users post and interact with messages called "tweets", restricted to 140 characters. Twitter was created by four nerds Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams who never dreamed their network would result in the birth of words like this.

Ex1: Uber has been getting alot of bad covfefe lately

Ex2: "Despite the constant negative press covfefe"

Ex3: Ray J leaked his sex tape with Kim Kardashian because he wanted to hurt her tabloid press covfefe. Ironically it ended up making her one of the most famous reality TV stars in the world.

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    For a handful of heterosexual men, this term is referred to as one's laptop because they rarely want others touching it and it's the only warm thing that touches them below the waste for long periods of time.

    Meek: Have you seen my girlfriend?

    Drake: Nikkis in Paris for a show.

    Meek: Nah I mean my MacBook Air. I wanna tweet a new diss at you. I probably won't see Nikki for awhile.

    Drake: It's next to Wayne's bed.

    Meek: I'm gonna curl up with my girlfriend and watch some Game of Thrones.

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    VR Legs

    A metaphor describing one's comfort when using a VR headset.

    Ron: I don't know how you're able to use Oculus for longer than an hour without wanting to throw up.

    Cindy: You just haven't gotten your VR legs yet. I've modded Skyrim and only play on my Oculus now.

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      For some reason UC Berkeley students think spelling Stanford like this is some sort of insult.

      Jessica: We won the big game against Cal again.

      Ben: You go to STANFURD soo who cares??

      Jessica: Uh...

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        The Social Network Prequel

        A joke that people sometimes make in regards to the creation of a MySpace movie whose founder was a UC Berkeley graduate. (The Social Network was a film on the creation of Facebook at Harvard.)

        Before there was Facebook, we all had one friend and his name was Tom. The Social Network Prequel, coming soon to theaters.

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          When an investor puts money in a startup based on the team and not the idea, product, or traction.

          Martha: Wow, I gotta hand it to George, his team actually raised 30k. I thought his idea was terrible.

          James: Nah, don't be too impressed I heard an angel just teamvested in them because they all graduated from Stanford.

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            UX Designer

            Stands for user experience designer.

            They are basically there to make sure that the app you're using isn't annoying as shit to use. This differs from UI Designers who work on how the product looks (versus how it feels).

            Rob: This is a great app but it FEELS wrong.

            Engineer: What do you want to change Mr. UX Designer?

            Rob: Everything.

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            • charlesjo charlesjo

              The only monetizable field with an Antropology degree.

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            Reddit Alternate Identity

            Being a completely different human being on Reddit than who you are in real life to escape reality.

            Jim: What did you do this weekend?

            Bob: I explored my Reddit Alternate Identity, pretending to be a guy with a girlfriend.

            Jim: Woah, trippy. Wanna play some LoL?

            Bob: Yup.

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              Someone who wants to start a company so he or she can garner social proof from it all, instead of someone who has an innovative idea that could possibly make money.

              Although alot of the Wharton MBA's are quite intelligent, many of them are wantrepreneurs who just want to tell girls that they are the CEOs of companies.

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              • Ismael Ismael

                Also popularized by Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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              Shopping Season

              The time of the semester in which career fairs are held on campuses to recruit engineer or business dev new hires. This is when many students (mostly engineers), go around with a career fair bag and pocket free tshirts, regardless of their interest in said company.

              Jay: I scored 14 shirts this year.
              Zeeshan: Sick, that's 2 more than last semester's shopping season.
              Jay: Yeah man, I didn't even print my resumes. I asked them for their cards and told them I'd email them it.

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                Sam Altman

                The current president of Y Combinator and successor to SV investor and essayist, Paul Graham.

                In his own words Paul Graham says that "Sam is one of the smartest people I know, and understands startups better than perhaps anyone I know, including myself. He's the one I go to when I want a second opinion about a hard problem."

                Today he spends his time moving YC forward, dealing with the waves of entrepreneurs trying to impress him in superficial ways in an attempt to garner entry into the incubator (I once hacked a non-computer system by [insert something borderline illegal here or morally questionable, albeit pretty smart]. He tweets declarative statements about his idea of the perfect founder, similar to how a teenager would describe his or her perfect boyfriend or girlfriend (not to his own fault, it's his job), as well as tweets about how well YC is doing in general.

                Sam Altman says that the best founders live in the same apartment as their co-founders so we've decided to move in together! We're even going to sleep on the same king sized bed and mention it on our app, so we'll probably get an interview for sure.

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                  The Woz

                  Legendary Apple Co-Founder and alumni of UC Berkeley rumored to have mystical power beyond human understanding. A lounge in UC Berkeley's Soda Hall is named after him in his honor.

                  The Woz has somehow managed to outlive his co-founder Steve Jobs, who ironically cared alot more about his diet and health than he did. I wonder what he knows that the world doesn't.

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                    A student pursuing an undergraduate, Masters, or PhD degree from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

                    I don't know whether to add Derrick to our Hackathon team. He's just a Haashole who tries too hard and doesn't understand how anything works. He's a great bullshiter though so maybe he would be useful for the presentation.

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