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Lifestyle Business

A lifestyle business is a business that is set up and run by its founders primarily with the aim of sustaining a particular level of income and no more; or to provide a foundation from which to enjoy a particular lifestyle.

i.e. Not "Crushing It"

Mike: They had so many paying customers that they were able to become a lifestyle business!
Jon: I'm so sorry to hear that.

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    Startup Social Worth

    When your Silicon Valley social worth is based on which startups you have founded or work at.

    Sidecar Employee at bar: There are so many Uber employees here. I have no chance with these women

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      The Crunchies

      A tech award show held in San Francisco where Techcrunch gives trophies to millionaire entrepreneurs and investors in an attempt to mirror an archaic Hollywood practice.

      Rob: I don't know why they gave us these things. It's like a statue to celebrate how much money we've earned? What did you do with your Crunchie?

      Martha: I gave it to my housekeeper's child.

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      Customer Service Guru

      Someone who is an expert within the field of serving customers. They are skilled in motivating staff with new ideas and by speaking about the importance of customer service.

      Errol Allen is a very skilled customer service guru.

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        Free and open-source software

        Anyone is freely licensed to use, copy, study, and change the software in any way, and the source code is openly shared so that people are encouraged to voluntarily improve it's design.

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          Clothes and household items given to you by your company to indirectly promote it and create a sense of pride for. To many, it's an unfortunate, but inevitable spending of startup dollars.

          I got hired Thursday and Grindr just gave me some awesome swag to celebrate my hire. I got a t-shirt, a coffee mug, a sticker, and protein powder.

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            A male to male friend finding app referenced in the first episode of Silicon Valley in which Erlich Bachman claims to have a 10% stake in.

            Little more about me.
            I am the founder of Aviato.
            And I own a very small percentage of Grindr.
            It's a men to men dating site where you can find other men within 10 miles of you.

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              Social Media

              The first team to be downsized when you run out of funding.

              Our social media manager was let go after she accidentally posted that Reddit thread to Twitter.

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                Stealth Mode

                A startup that is a phase of secrecy in which they don't reveal what they actually do in an attempt to ward off potential competition.

                Zeeshan What do you do?
                Steve: I'm in a startup.
                Zeeshan: What do you guys do?
                Steve: I can't tell you. We're in stealth mode.
                Zeeshan: That's dumb.

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                  Tinder Binge

                  When a person spends immense amount of time swiping right, in an attempt to get any match available regardless of attraction.

                  Ever since I've broken up with Mary, I've been on a Tinder binge trying to find someone...anyone.

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                    A company that sells groceries to the lazy, stock shares to the gullible, and cloud services to the lazy and gullible.

                    Amazon: because I want to buy my underwear and Redis clusters from the same company.

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                      A global corporation that depends for its existence on the inertia of Bob in accounting (see “Excel”.)

                      Our CIO mandated that the entire company use Google Drive instead of Microsoft Office. He is no longer our CIO.

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                        Undeclared Engineering Student

                        This person was smart enough to get into the engineering college of a university and yet undecisive enough to not know what he wanted to actually pick.

                        My name is Jimmy and I'm an undeclared engineering student trying to decide between, BioE, EECS, MechE, and Civil Engineering.

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                          On Demand

                          Another way of saying "for lazy people."

                          Meals on demand. That's right, we're revolutionizing the way you get pizza.

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                            Code Masochist

                            A person pursuing a CS degree from a university who finds everything way to easy for his own good, so to challenge himself (or herself) he or she purposely does the projects on the last day so they can feel a comparable amount of pressure to the other students who've sometimes had up to a month to finish. (Can also apply to software engineering employees who do their work irrationally close to the deadline).

                            Hai was such a code masochist that he decided to do his upper div cs projects 12 hours before it was due. The professor assigned it 4 weeks ago.

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                              Asshole Gifting

                              to present a recently purchased item of large value to others; best done while being Russ Hanneman.

                              Dinesh: "So you wanted to show us that you weren't an asshole by showing us the car you just bought for yourself?"

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                                A safe polyfill which doesn’t modify global objects and, as a polyfill, uses the native implementation if it is available. Coined by Sindre Sorhus, who has made many of them.

                                Bob: And we'll just throw this in as an ES6 polyfill....
                                Jack: No - it's a ponyfill - don't mix them up. See the `unicorn | approved` tag in the README? Yes, ponyfill - not polyfill.

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                                  Thiel Fellow

                                  A student under the age of 20 handpicked by Peter Thiel to drop out of college and start a company.

                                  I dropped out of MIT because Peter Thiel just gave me a $100,000 to realize my dream of creating a social network for dogs.

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                                    IE Troll

                                    A person who purposely uses Internet Explorer in front of others and claims that it is the superior browser on the market, to either mock another person or make it seem like they are completely incompetent.

                                    Jack is an IE troll who gets girls to help him install chrome because he is "so bad" at using computers.

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                                      A communication tool for sending messages, files, and GIFS to coworkers, team members, etc.

                                      Roberto: Hey Mike, did you get the TPS reports from Barbara?
                                      Mike: Nah hombre, let me go slack her.
                                      Roberto: Sounds good. Don't forget to spam the channel with GIFS that no want wants to see.
                                      Mike: Will do!

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