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On Demand

Another way of saying "for lazy people."

Meals on demand. That's right, we're revolutionizing the way you get pizza.

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Technical Debt

Reason you give for not shipping shit

We have a bunch of technical debt we have to work resolve before we can ship X new feature

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Engineer Hot Girl Syndrome

When a non-technical founder starts treating really good engineers like attractive girls, asking them out to dinner, buying them gifts arbitrarily, and sometimes getting nervous in their presence.

Zeeshan's friend Vishnu is such a good programmer I get engineer hot girl syndrome in his presence. I want him on our team so badly.

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Code Masochist

A person pursuing a CS degree from a university who finds everything way to easy for his own good, so to challenge himself (or herself) he or she purposely does the projects on the last day so they can feel a comparable amount of pressure to the other students who've sometimes had up to a month to finish. (Can also apply to software engineering employees who do their work irrationally close to the deadline).

Hai was such a code masochist that he decided to do his upper div cs projects 12 hours before it was due. The professor assigned it 4 weeks ago.

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Asshole Gifting

to present a recently purchased item of large value to others; best done while being Russ Hanneman.

Dinesh: "So you wanted to show us that you weren't an asshole by showing us the car you just bought for yourself?"

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Uber Driver Engineer

A label that describes a lot of Uber drivers. When you talk to one they will tell you they are trying to learn how to code, build an app and start a company. Uber is only now, startup is future. The passenger will encourage the driver but deep down inside they don't think its happening.

Because of the success of Uber there has been an influx of Uber Driver Engineers trying to start their own companies.

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Non-technical Cofounder

A Wharton MBA who will overestimate the value of his idea and underestimate the value of the person who will implement it. Often wonders why his technical cofounders leave him and the apps they build look like shit and get hacked all the time.

Non-technical Cofounder: Why do all these technical cofounders leave me? Did they not see the MBA from Wharton in my email? I'm telling you right now, I know how to write a business plan. I even offered the last guy 10% of my company.

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Palo Alto

Spanish for "tall tree." English for "overly priced land."

The worst part about having to move to California and begin our new software company is living in Palo Alto. I'm working out of and living in a small house I have to split with 6 other guys and we're still paying a fortune!

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The Shell Dilemma

When your startup reaches the point where you only have engineers on your team, all of which become a hollow unexciting shell of themselves in the board room. This is when you end up having to compromise and add your first non-technical founder because he is an incredible orator and can represent the product you built better than anyone on your team can.

On the Silicon Valley TV show, Richard faces the shell dilemma when he finds he cannot pitch his idea without sweating profusely and messing up. He seeks help from his friend Erlich Bachman afterward to save him.

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A communication tool for sending messages, files, and GIFS to coworkers, team members, etc.

Roberto: Hey Mike, did you get the TPS reports from Barbara?
Mike: Nah hombre, let me go slack her.
Roberto: Sounds good. Don't forget to spam the channel with GIFS that no want wants to see.
Mike: Will do!

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A version control system used by everybody. If you don't use it, you're probably a git.

Joe: I don't use git.
Bill: You're a git.

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Making the world a better place

Solving a very specific problem that loosely translates into a social benefit.

We are making the world a better place through P2P iBeacon messaging platforms.

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Tech Drowning

How you feel after living in Silicon Valley for a while because it seems like everyone you talk to is either working at a startup, trying to start something or a VC. It's normal to feel a little annoyed when you overhear your bus driver say he is preparing a YC application (

Tim: Living in Silicon Valley is nice but its not hard to feel like you are tech drowning sometimes. The midwest would be a nice change

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Programming and working at a slower pace to purposely get more food out of the company.

Jordan didn't feel like cooking dinner so he started gluttonygramming to force the company employee policy of paying a 15$ credit for engineer's dinner who works until after 7.

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Adblock Competenacy Test

Checking to see if a person has enough basic knowledge to have installed adblock on their browser of choice.

After opening the link to the new Justin Bieber music video, George failed the Adblock Competency Test after waiting for a 30 second Honda commercial to end.

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The Algorithm Exit

Ending an argument or justifying an explanation by claiming one's algorithm is superior without any sort of justification of said algorithm. Often used in Hollywood produced films.

After getting in a 2 hour argument on whose product was better, Jeremy screamed that his algorithm was superior making an algorithm exit, shutting the door behind him.

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