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initial commit

After using the `git init` command, "initial commit" is the overused futile message used when committing the initial code to a repo

Person A: I just started a new project and "initial commit" seems boring
Person B: I always just use what gives me
Person A: "Copywrite Microsoft 1978" it is

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    If you are actually a 10x enough dude to use a random initial commit message: git config --global alias.yolo '!git commit -m "$(curl -s"' git yolo

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    omfg, this is gold!

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A company built around the fact that Bob from accounting exists.

Hacker 1: Are you going to Microsoft's big data hackathon?
Hacker 2: No, winning prizes are only for those who analyse csv dumps in Microsoft Excel.

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    Medium Data

    The hipster data scientist's new topic of discussion. “Big Data” has become a meaningless cliché, so much so that complaining about Big Data being a cliché is also a cliché.

    PM: Can you look at this set of big data? It is 200GB.
    Data scientist: That is actually only medium data according to

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    Hardware Engineer

    A generally hardworking engineer who works on designing and building physical products after years of dedication to a certain field.

    Mistakes they make are very costly since they can't recompile or release a hotfix

    Software engineer: I always wanted to do hardware but I heard it is tough

    Hardware engineer: If it was easy it would be called easyware!

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