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TLDR: a multidisciplinary engineering field that combines software, electrical and computer, and mechanical engineering.

Sometimes referred as robotics, mechatronics is the most promising discipline in the engineering world. The brightest students are competing to enter this program for it's reputation and employment rate by the top notch companies in the industry(Microsoft, Google, Apple, Tesla etc). University of Waterloo is known as the best university offering this program. Rumor has it that they are the ones came up with this concept and terminology back in the day.

Person 1: Dude, I got accepted into Mechatronics Engineering.
Person 2: The hell is mechatronics?
Person 1: Story short, we're going to build robots!

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    Periscope Plug

    Advertising a product or service using Periscope either through your own live stream or someone elses's.

    I tuned in to watch to Jack Dorsey's Periscope to watch him interview the founder of Blue Bottle. Little did I know that it wouldn't be conversation on coffee, but instead a giant periscope plug for his other company Square. He just kept asking questions about how Square transactions benefit his business.

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      Pistol Ship

      To ship one's code without checking it. This is normally done out of a combination of hubris and laziness.

      Jack: I feel like Clint Eastwood, I've been pistol shipping compiled code all day. I love working at Facebook.

      Lewis: Facebook is down.

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        A mythical University on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada where many good Engineers and Computer Scientists come from.

        Jake: That new hire is really writing some beautiful code.
        Pablo: He went to UVic. It's that laid back island vibe.

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        A/B Testing

        A/B testing is when you test two variants of something A and B to determine which one maximizes the outcome you want. It is commonly used in web design.

        After doing some A/B testing, Buzzfeed determined that the headline "You'll never believe what happened next" had a 50% higher click through rate than the headline "The cat ran across the lawn" so that's what they used.

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          The Five Dollar Footlong Lean Startup Diet

          When a startup founder lives off of five dollar foot long sandwiches to save money for his or her early stage venture. They buy a single five dollar foot long subway sandwich, eat half of it in the afternoon and the other half at dinner.

          Since Julius is on the five dollar day long diet, he only eats footlong subway sandwiches everyday to conserve his companies startup money. It's kind of sad.

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          Pokemon Recruiting

          Giving preference to job candidates based on having unusual non-job-related characteristics - with the goal of collecting one of each kind to your team. Based on the collectible toy with the theme "Gotta Catch 'Em All".

          Yuliya: Hey look, a resume from a Bulgarian engineer who speaks Urdu and plays the ukelele in her spare time.

          Andy: Wow, serious Pokemon points there.

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            CTR which stands for click through rate is the ratio between clicks and impressions. It is a commonly used term in online advertising and email campaigns as a way to measure effectiveness.

            Dan placed a small banner ad on his website that received 5 clicks in 100 page views for a CTR of 5%. After making the banner ad full screen his CTR increased to 100% but nobody returned to the site.

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            Rickrolling is a form of bait and switch that involves using a link that seems relevant but really links to the music video for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"

            Woah look at this cute cat

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            CS Fix My Shit Fallacy

            The false assumption that anyone who can code or has a computer science degree can fix your computer or any household electronics.

            Marco: Hey you study Computerz at that fancy university don' you? Could you fix my toaster?

            Julian: Hell no. Why would I know how to do something like that.

            Marco: Because computerz are basically more advance toasterz.

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              Code Grinder

              A suit-wearing, cubicle inhabiting minion who is one of thousands of identical minions hired to write banking systems or payroll packages in RPG and other unspeakable horrors. See BFI operator.

              Dave: Hey, my friend Tom over in Seattle said he's been working 6 years on the same reporting module but never seen the whole project.
              Larry: Let's take a minute's silence for all the code grinders out there.
              (brief 5-second pause)
              Larry: Ok, enough of that, let's get to the boardroom - they've got macarons from Tout Sweet.

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                Cat Person Stereotype

                The stereotype that engineers in Silicon Valley when given a choice would prefer ownership of a cat rather than a dog.

                Ryan: I got you a cat for your birthday.

                Bob: Fuck you I like Corgis.

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                  WFIO, pronounced whiff-eee-o, is an acronym which stands for "We're Fucked; It's Over." Used to describe that horrible moment when an individual is certain their startup is dead. A typical entrepreneur will experience three of these per week.

                  Board of Directors: How was revenue this quarter?

                  CEO: WFIO

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                    The Social Network Effect

                    This can reference the effect in which an online community gives life and growth to a software application.

                    It can also give reference to the hypothesized phenomenon that software startup incorporation increased in correlation to the film "The Social Network."

                    This was one of the first films where hacker culture as we know it was displayed in commercial theaters for the world to observe in a highly dramatic way and perhaps inspired people to try to soar before they could walk.

                    I've observed the social network effect in Orange County in that everyone I seem to meet wants to do a software startup, but none of them want to learn how build a business or learn how to talk to software engineers without sounding stupid.

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                      To Backdoor

                      Backdooring someone is purposely leaving a security vulnerability in the form of code that's sometimes purposely put in by the programmer. This is done to later have the ability to sabotage the company/person they are building it for, usually in case he or she gets screwed over by them somehow or are just bored.

                      Just to be a complete dick, Jack backdoored his brother in law's resume website, when building it for him to purposely make pictures of cats pop up whenever a user clicks anywhere. On thursdays he changes it from cats to pandas.

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                        Short for "Long On Promises, Short On Delivery".
                        A product with a lot of hype and not living to its created expectations upon shipment.

                        "They're too LOPSOD."

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                          Also known as "The Internet".

                          Bill: "I'm currently working in Cloud-Based Employment Solutions Research."
                          Ted: "Are you looking for a job on Craigslist?"
                          Bill: "....yes."

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                            Tinder Bait and Switch Advertising

                            An almost laughable form of advertising in which a person or company pretends to be an attractive girl or guy on Tinder. After getting alot of matches, they'll send links to the person they matched with usually after the other person has worked up the courage to hit on them and ask them out.

                            George: Damn girl you're so damn fine. I wanna take you in my Prius and drive you up and down the Bay Bridge.
                            Bait and Switcher: I like you too George.
                            George: Fuck Tinder is awesome, I want to meetup Julie.
                            Bait and Switcher: You should check out my site. I sell protien powder that makes you have big gainz
                            George: Uh...

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                              College Dropout

                              Somebody who tries to follow in the footsteps of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates but will most likely end up working drive-thu at Mcdonald's

                              Tim: "I'm about to drop out and start a company like Bill Gates; this is going to be amazing."
                              Jim: "Gates dropped out of Harvard and had good plans for what he wanted to do. You're dropping out of community college because you hate school. I don't think it's going to work out."

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                                Anyone who use personal computers only for writing, just like a typewriter machine.

                                "Do you think he can upload these on the website?"
                                "Nah, he's just a worder!"

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