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Common term used to communicate between founders and investors the goals they intend on passing. Milestones are sometimes used in determination for future funding worth.

Draymond's company passed all it's milestones so the investors were happy to write him a check for the next round.

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    Someone who works at an Apple Genius Bar to fix and teach you how to use your Macbooks and iPhones

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    Mike Judge

    Saving our country from itself since Idiocracy.

    Patron Saint of all SV ludicrousness. Evidence:

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      The third magical tool in the Silicon Valley (more San Francisco) designer tool box.

      A total poser. He had a MBP and iPhone. Even a decent tat. But he didn't have a Moleskine. That's what gave it away that he wasn't a real serious UX Designer.

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      Silicon Beach

      Silicon Beach is the Westside region of LA that is home to over 500 tech startup companies. It mostly includes Santa Monica, Venice, Playa Vista, and Westchester.

      Notable company offices include Google, Yahoo, YouTube, BuzzFeed, MySpace, and the Snapchat HQ.

      My friends in Berkeley laughed at me when I told them I was interviewing at Snapchat in Silicon Beach. They kept telling me to stop dignifying LA's attempt to have any sort technological relevance. Another guy for some reason thought I said Silicone Beach, which also refers to LA.

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        Network Effect

        The effect that a user of a product has to the value of the product to other users. In startups this commonly refers to the additional value that each customer will gain with each additional customer that the startup acquires.

        I didn't really want to use Snapchat but all of my friends use it to communicate with each other so I almost had to.

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          A dad and self-proclaimed geek that lives in Cleveland, OH. Owns the @alphabet Twitter handle. Will soon become rich.

          Guy 1: This guy's just a geeky dad on Twitter.

          Guy 2: No, he's @alphabet and will earn more money in one day than you've earned in an entire year.

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            He's also a fan of the Cleveland Browns. Dads in Pittsburgh are geeks.

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          FOMO = an acronym for "Fear of Missing Out"

          The team was exhausted from attending/pitching at multiple conferences during the same week, but pressed on- motivated by FOMO that their dream angel investor might be present.

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            So many events to many clients to find...

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          Lava Pressure

          Intentionally making your life worse every time your startup doesn't pass a milestone.

          Reynolds keeps putting lava pressure on his team by smashing a monitor everytime their company doesn't gain 10% more users in a given month.

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            Fuck You I Made It Burn

            When someone whose reached any level of success posts the emails, IMs, or correspondence between them and anyone whose rejected them publicly prefacing it all as motivation for others to continue working hard toward their goals.

            Man I felt so good reading Brian Chesky's, 7 Rejection's Medium post last Sunday. Reading those rejections word for word and blurring out the name of the person sending it, probably made it the best and most subtle Fuck You I Made It Burn of the year.


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              Startup/Big Co Power Couple

              When one member of a relationship works at a more well-known tech company, while the other works on a startup. This ensures that the couple can at least pay rent while the other member of the relationship pursues something new.

              Because Milly works at Netflix and Erik is working in a startup revolving biotic limbs, they are are a strong startup/bigco power couple who're said to be going places while still being relatively secure.

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              Startup Dementor

              Someone in an early company whose prescience is so negative and soul sucking that nearly every happy memory you've had when with them dissipates.

              Dementors originiate as fictional creatures that guard a wizard prison in the Harry Potter series

              Ronald and Perry are startup dementors who help destroy the early companies they join with their consistent negativity and thoughtless criticism.

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                The action of equating technical genius with young white males that are college dropouts.

                "This guy seems like a great fit for our team."
                "Seriously? He doesn't have a Github, are you sure you're not Zuckerberging?"


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                  Of course you brought race into this...

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                A/B Testing

                A method of experimentation to test which products, services, or marketing tactics return higher conversion rates, customer satisfaction, sales, etc. Used to weed out shitty products or services and prioritize one, better product or service.

                Guy 1: Hey we have two email newsletters. Which one do you think would return a more sales?
                Guy 2: Don't know, let's use some A/B testing and see which one performs better.

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                  To Compile

                  When your machine is assembling the information and commands you've written. If there are no errors that prevent this from happening, your program is normally ready to be tested.

                  Matt: No errors! My code compiles. This shit works.

                  Zeeshan: Let's pistol ship it and call it a day.

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                    Class Shopping

                    Signing up for more courses than you intend to take to scope out whether you want to keep them on your schedule.

                    Jack: How was your first day?
                    Pete: Pretty good, went class shopping and decided to enroll in CS150, CS162, and CS188. Dropping CS170, Math 55, and PhysicsH7C though.

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                      Machine Learning

                      It's exactly how it sounds. It's a subfield of computer science dealing in pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence.

                      In Silicon Valley, people hail this subfield as the leading frontier for innovation that is applicable in almost every company. Machine Learning engineers are very high in demand as the work they produce allows for products to adapt and compute at higher levels than humans can.

                      Jack: The best jeopordy player and the best chess player in the world are computers.
                      James: That's the power of machine learning, being able to adapt to situations and read more steps ahead than a human can.
                      Jack: Yeah but I bet he can't FEEL like I can.
                      James: How do you feel?
                      Jack: I feel like shit actually...

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                        A title interns at the company Pinterest give themselves when joining the company for an internship.

                        Along with the intellectual prestige that goes along with working at a brand named company like this, it's mostly used to make the intern feel cute/happy go lucky.

                        Vanessa: I interned at Microsoft in Seattle this year on the Bing team. It was pretty sweet. Whad you do Pete?

                        Pete: I'm GLAD you asked Vanessa! I was a PINTERN this summer. I'd go to my work in my pajamas and drink hot cocoas all day, while developing some pretty pintresting stuff.

                        Vanessa: Fantastic...

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                          No Money Mo' Problems

                          This is an expression often used by startups who're running out of their funding.

                          It's the antithesis of the idea propagated by the east coast rapper Biggie Smalls who is sometimes remembered for his song "Mo Money Mo Problems."

                          Zeeshan: Alright I want the Vesace leather over by the Tom Ford couch. Also want that 4k TV on top of the shark tank and we need more Blue Bottle coffee beans for the coffee maker.

                          Matt: Yo! We need to use this money properly. We need to hire engineers!

                          Zeeshan: Nah don't worry I just sold my website for 500k and invested it back in the company. I thought ahead, no money, mo' problems.

                          Matt: Sweet. Yeah Biggie didn't know what he was talking about. West coast 5eva.

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                            The Matrix Delusion

                            When someone new begins their study in computer science thinking it will be as cool as the scenes denoting hacking and coding in the film "The Matrix."

                            James: Dude what the fuck is this?
                            Lloyd: It's called Eclipse.
                            James: But where are all the green numbers. Where's the console where I can issue my commands to hack things?!
                            Lloyd: You've fallen for the matrix delusion. This is gonna be a rough year.
                            James: What the fuck is the point of this... I'm applying to Haas.

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