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Beast Mode

Partially derived from the sports world (Marshawn Lynch going beast mode in the NFL). It is when you are super busy and have deadlines. You put on earplugs/headphones and drink caffeine in an attempt to knock out work/coding.

Did you see Rohan? He went beast mode on that compiler program today and finished it on time.
Man! Andrew went beastmode on my escalated technical cases today. Awesome!

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    A catch-all euphemism for "douchebag." Frequently used to a) describe one's self in a Twitter bio/LinkedIn headline or b) describe others when you're not really sure what they do exactly, but it probably has something to do with disruption or artisanal donuts or growth hacking or some shit.

    Your LinkedIn headline: "Innovator/CEO of Douche, The World's First Ephemeral Craft Beer Wearable."

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      An entrepreneur or remote employee that can work and travel all around the world because the only things they need to be productive are internet and laptop.

      Last year I had an amazing experience as a nomad working out of Starbucks in over 30 countries.

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      Buzzfeed Writer

      A mediocre writer, but decent list builder. Their article titles usually follow the model: [Number] [Subject] So [Hyperbole] You [Claim]

      10 Clickbaity Titles So Enticing You Have To Click

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      The LinkedIn Endorsement Burn

      Passive aggressively endorsing someone on LinkedIn for a menial skill such as Microsoft Word, while purposely ignoring their more relevant talents in things like Ruby on Rails or Objective C in an attempt to belittle them.

      Gilfoil got LinkedIn endorsement burned by Zeeshan when he purposely decided to only endorse him for Microsoft Powerpoint, even though he's a senior engineer at Pied Piper with a wide array of talents.

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        An acronym used in forums referring to Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator and creator of Hacker news. He spends his time tweeting about how much Y Combinator has grown and describing the perfect founder in a similar way that Cosmopolitan magazine describes the perfect man or woman.

        I read a PG essay talking about how the perfect founder has an engineering degree, is always hungry, and lives with his founders in the same apartment. After graduating from Stanford,, we now live in Palo Alto in a one bedroom apartment without any food in the fridge other than raw ramen payed for using the profits of our company in which we are the only customers of.

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        Founder Syndrome

        The founder syndrome is when the founder starts thinking he is a rockstar and that the startup is still going because of his bright opinions in everything. He starts neglecting what engineering propose and put his nose in every single detail. It can also be called the "I'm like Steve Jobs" Syndrome.

        Founder at early stage: Guys! let's work together and make it happen, we all rock.
        Founder after the syndrome: No, just do it like I said, everybody is using this Ruby On Mails thing, we must use it too.

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        When you mix your typical engineer with your typical frat boy. The official heuristic to identify a brogrammer in your organization is when you can't tell whether the suspect is part of your engineering team or your sales team.

        David: I originally thought Kilim was a programmer but he's been popping his collar and talking a lot. Is he a brogrammer?

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          More useful information for problogrammer here IBM

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        Backseat Investor

        An investor who will never tell you no, but will wait for a lead investor to commit so he can take a backseat and ride the return train. They always tell you to keep them informed with your project without ever providing active help.

        I thought Cody would be a generous investor after his company got acquired, but instead he's just another backseat investor waiting for a bigger fish to bite.

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          Code Ninja

          A euphemism that is used by Bay Area recruiters who don't actually know what in specific they want in a Software Engineer, just someone who can pretty much do everything and anything that's handed to them.

          We're looking to recruit the best Code Ninjas possible for our startup of 4 currently employed non-technical founders. Free pizza will be provided on Wednesdays.

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            Also used oddly and inappropriately by non-Asians as term of endearment to their Asian-American friends.

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          Self made entrepreneur

          A label meaning that an entrepreneur has come from nothing, has not inherited their wealth or startup. A lot of entrepreneurs have found a loophole because while inheriting a lot of money disqualifies one from being self made, receiving a shit ton of money and connections from your parents while they are alive doesn't.

          John: How did you possibly hire 50 people without any VC funding. You told me you were self made?
          Lyman: My dad gave me a ton of money and connections. Does that count?

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            SWOT Analysis

            SWOT is a planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an idea or decision. Jared is ridiculed by the other members of Pied Piper on Silicon Valley for suggesting SWOT because they think it is corporate and a waste of time.

            "I've booby trapped the house with corporate resources"

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              Someone who wants to start a company so he or she can garner social proof from it all, instead of someone who has an innovative idea that could possibly make money.

              Although alot of the Wharton MBA's are quite intelligent, many of them are wantrepreneurs who just want to tell girls that they are the CEOs of companies.

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                Also popularized by Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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              Bus Factor

              The number of people that need to be hit by a bus before their project is dead.

              "Our engineers work in teams of 10 for the higher bus factor"

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                It is well known that engineers make a "SPOF" sound when hit by a bus.

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              A site of hyperbole that occasionally masquerades as a news source when it wants to feel relevant.

              TimeWaster: ”Did you see that article on Buzzfeed News?”
              NormalPerson: “No..I was reading real news”

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                Crushing it

                Achieving exceptional success with something.

                Jess is totally crushing it with her new Uber-for-VC-funding app. She's already been hunted.


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                  Founders use this term until "Awesome Journey."

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                An internet exchange currency originally used on Silk Road that silicon valley entrepreneurs and investors don't want failing because their startup revolves around it. These same people rarely use it on a day to day basis.

                Jimmy: My startup lets you pay for ice cream using Bitcoin.
                Jerry: Awesome, as the founder of a Bitcoin company how many Bitcoins do you actually own?
                Jimmy: 0

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                  For a handful of heterosexual men, this term is referred to as one's laptop because they rarely want others touching it and it's the only warm thing that touches them below the waste for long periods of time.

                  Meek: Have you seen my girlfriend?

                  Drake: Nikkis in Paris for a show.

                  Meek: Nah I mean my MacBook Air. I wanna tweet a new diss at you. I probably won't see Nikki for awhile.

                  Drake: It's next to Wayne's bed.

                  Meek: I'm gonna curl up with my girlfriend and watch some Game of Thrones.

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                  Making the world a better place

                  Solving a very specific problem that loosely translates into a social benefit.

                  We are making the world a better place through P2P iBeacon messaging platforms.

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                    Look at how much time sink we've created for evil people... with Reddit.

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                  Bing It

                  An expression created by a marketing team within Microsoft that hypothesized that people would say this over the more commonly used expression "Google it."

                  Microsoft Marketing Rep: I want you to figure out Google's market share.
                  Bing Product Engineer: Sure one sec let me Google it.
                  Microsoft Marketing Rep: NO! Bing it!
                  Bing Product Engineer: Oh right, I forgot.

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