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Fuck you money

When you make enough money from a startup or job that you can basically do whatever you want. Usually from equity after a liquidity event.

Engineering manager: Congrats on the IPO everybody. See you guys on Monday.
Engineer: I'm not sure about that
Manager: You think you can do whatever you want now you have that fuck you money?
Engineer: Sorry sir. I just got a little excited

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A startup uses this word when it's no longer a startup

"Hey congrats on the series B!"
"Thanks! Are your deliverables in yet?"

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A startup valued at $10 billion or more

Kilim: It sucks that my startup is only a unicorn. Look at Snapchat. They are a decacorn

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    Erlich Bachman's ex-startup.

    Erlich: Take aviato for instance. It's not a name I found. It's the name that found me.

    Erlich: I'm the founder of aviato.

    Erlich: Like A~V~I~A~T~O

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      When you mix your typical engineer with your typical frat boy. The official heuristic to identify a brogrammer in your organization is when you can't tell whether the suspect is part of your engineering team or your sales team.

      David: I originally thought Kilim was a programmer but he's been popping his collar and talking a lot. Is he a brogrammer?

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      Two Comma Club

      A club for millionaires. Russ Hannemann from the show joins the club after losing lots of money, resulting in him selling a car that opens vertically and horizontally.


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      A student pursuing an undergraduate, Masters, or PhD degree from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

      I don't know whether to add Derrick to our Hackathon team. He's just a Haashole who tries too hard and doesn't understand how anything works. He's a great bullshiter though so maybe he would be useful for the presentation.

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        The Woz

        Legendary Apple Co-Founder and alumni of UC Berkeley rumored to have mystical power beyond human understanding. A lounge in UC Berkeley's Soda Hall is named after him in his honor.

        The Woz has somehow managed to outlive his co-founder Steve Jobs, who ironically cared alot more about his diet and health than he did. I wonder what he knows that the world doesn't.

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          To renter the 3 comma club. Made popular by Russ Hanneman on Silicon Valley.

          Russ: Due to some bad investments I joined the 2 comma club but Pied Piper will help me rebillionize shortly

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            Software Engineer Uniform

            What software engineers tend to wear. Consists of a badly fitting plain or graphic t-shirt or polo and a badly fitting light blue pair of jeans. The best engineers also wear sandals with socks

            Rachel: Jesus christ what is John wearing?
            David: Are you new to Silicon Valley? That's the software engineer uniform.

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              Which Steve?

              A question often posed my computer programmers who seek to make a point that Steve Wozniak could write code and Steve Jobs couldn't (making him the superior founder in their minds). It's often used to indirectly defend their own insecurities in their lack in ability to communicate with other human beings or make things that people actually want.

              Erlich: When I sold my company, Aviato, I wanted to give back. That's why I started this place, to do something big. To make a difference. You know, like Steve.
              Richard: Uh, Jobs or Wozniak?
              Richard: Steve Jobs or Steve...
              Erlich: Oh, I heard you.
              Richard: Which one?
              Erlich: Jobs.
              Richard: I mean, Jobs was a poser. He didn't even write code.

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                Beauty Disadvantage Phenomenon

                Outside of Silicon Valley good looking people tend to make more money and are seen as more competent. Within Silicon Valley (and this might only apply to technical roles) the opposite is true. Perception of an engineer's technical prowess is inversely related to how good they look. This phenomenon affects women multiplicatively.

                Could be the cause of Software engineer uniform (

                Kilim: Damn a pretty girl just joined our team. We will have to carry her load.
                Matthew: Wow. I guess the beauty disadvantage phenomenon is real.

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                  The default answer lazy software engineers give to their non-techinical friends, when asked what the best way to learn how to code is.

                  Jimmy: You're such a good programmer. I want to learn how to code, but already have this Haas degree and can't go back to college. What can I do to learn today?

                  Bobby: I don't know man, google it. I hear Codecademy is a thing. I just want to go back to playing DOTA.

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                    Y Combinator

                    A label you add to your startup's intro (if chosen) that your company exchanges 7% of protected equity to arbitrary increase your valuation with.

                    After getting accepted from Y Combinator, my 3 man team from [insert top 5 engineering school here], we launched our [insert undeveloped idea that sounds good on paper here], and raised 1.5 million dollars from Demo Day because we're changing the world.

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                      Possibly more valuable label than Stanford in the startup world.

                      almost 9 years ago

                    Silicon Valley Billionaire

                    Silicon Valley Billionaires tend to be younger, poorer dressed and generally less douchey than billionaires from other areas. Some are so poorly dressed that it is often hard to distinguish one from a hobo. In New York, a 23 year old scrawny male with t-shirt and jeans might be told to fuck off at a Lambourhini dealership but the same thing would never happen in Silicon Valley.

                    Sales person: Do you think I should even talk to that guy over there. It doesn't look like he can afford a car.
                    2nd sales person: That's Mark Zuckerberg

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                      Startup T-shirts

                      When you combine poor college students, too lazy to do laundry with free startup branded t-shirts you get the greatest growth hack in Silicon Valley. It's a win win for everybody.

                      Chris: You realize by wearing that Dropbox t-shirt you are providing free advertising for them right?
                      Kilim: I have nothing else to wear though.

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                        An internet exchange currency originally used on Silk Road that silicon valley entrepreneurs and investors don't want failing because their startup revolves around it. These same people rarely use it on a day to day basis.

                        Jimmy: My startup lets you pay for ice cream using Bitcoin.
                        Jerry: Awesome, as the founder of a Bitcoin company how many Bitcoins do you actually own?
                        Jimmy: 0

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                          Tech Stars

                          An incubator people apply to when getting rejected from YC. They aren't definitively worst it just always happens to be your second choice every time.

                          I gotta move to Boston now that we got into Tech Stars and need a semi reputable incubator.

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                            Jian Yang

                            A character on the Silicon Valley show that represents your stereotypical asian engineer in the Silicon Valley world. Jian Yang is from China and is often misunderstood due to cultural differences and language barriers.

                            Jian Yang: Which is for burning?
                            Erlich: We don't burn trash in this country. It's illegal.
                            Jian Yang: What about garbage?


                            The actor for Jian Yang, Jimmy Yang doing standup:

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                              To undermine the confidence of somebody to gain advantage in a situation. On Silicon Valley, VC firms neg Richard to bring down the valuation of Pied Piper but Erlich counters by "negging the neg" to create funding demand for their startup.


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