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A term start ups use to justify any corner cutting they have to take to "get shit done"

Jon (developer): Why did you take away all our desks and chairs and replace them with card-board boxes?
Eric (CTO): Jon, we have to be more Agile. Those desks and chairs are paying for one extra EC2 core.

Kelly (developer): Why the fuck did we let Drew write this shitty ass module?
Eric (CTO): We have to be Agile and move at the speed of business. Drew "got shit done".

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    Get Shit Done

    A phrase taking to mean "fuck everything you learned in CS class and code like Jack Kerouac until we get the release out"

    Eric(CTO): Guys its time to "get shit done". Stop writing tests and let's just crank this thing out.

    Eric (CTO): Drew likes to "get shit done". I wish more of you developers could crank out KLOC's like him.

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