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Toronto / University of Toronto

The place that thinks they're the best engineering school in the True North Strong and Free, however is actually inferior especially in terms of entrepreneurship as compared to the University of Waterloo. But at the very least without us, Waterloo can't scale because at the end of the day they're still a small suburban town in the middle of nowhere.

Author of the Word - yes I attend the University of Toronto but even I know that it's worse than Waterloo when it comes to startups, tech, and innovation. Conglaturations you Waterloo engineers!

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    Social + Local + Mobile; interachangeable with LoSoMo, LoMoSo, MoSoLo, MoLoSo or SoMoLo.

    In other words - a company who's product is generic as fuck!

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      The suffix you add/integrate with any noun to make it sound instantly cooler!

      Please see - intrapreneur, wantrepreneur, recesspreneur, solopreneur, mompreneur, dadpreneur, infopreneur and...

      This -

      Person A - Man my life sucks
      Person B - Why?
      Person A - Because I'm broke, unemployed, lost my wife, kids hate me, and worst of all! Everyone thinks I'm a total loser on Twitter, they're calling me #loserAndy
      Person B - Aw shucks my friend, that totally sucks... how about we turn that frown upside down shall we? Instead of calling yourself a loser Andy, start calling yourself a loserpreneur! At least you've got nothing to lose! #loserpreneur

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        Hack Hacking

        There are multiple definitions:
        1) The process of hacking a hack - the good
        2) The process of hacking off a hacker or hack (loser) - the bad
        3) The process of hacking a hacker - the ugly

        Depending on how you use this term you're either doing something:
        1) Good - hacks are usually good, but if you're hacking a hack, it means you're trying to improve it
        2) Bad - killing people is never a good thing, no matter if they're a good hacker, bad backer, or hack of a human being
        3) Ugly - improving people is always a good endeavour, but it can get ugly because the hacker may already be the good kind of hacker. But even still, improving another human being is always a very subjectively ugly thing to do.

        Person A - man what a world, we've got hacking, growth hacking, life hacking, travel hacking, productivity hacking, what's next?
        Person B - Hack Hacking!
        Person A - Is this anything similar to Smart Smart or Techtech?
        Person B - No don't worry, but I have to ask, which demo would you prefer? The Good, the Bad, or the Ugly version?
        Person A - Um, the Good of course!
        Person B - Man, you're no fun! "begrudgingly hides the axe he had behind his back into his backpack and brings out an algorithm that improves on a previously innovative algorithm that calculates how fast a human being can jerk off 4 dudes at once"

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          Definition #1: A Canadian Unicorn!

          Definition #2:

          American Founder - My startup is now officially a Unicorn!
          Canadian Founder - My startup is now officially a Narwhal!
          European Founder - Um Mr. American entrepreneur, if you may excuse me for a moment... the Unicorn is of European-origin, but if you like your horned mythical beasts so much, you can have the Jackalope!
          Russia Founder - North Americans have messed with the Russians for far too long, the Narwhal is ours!
          Canadian Founder - Oh sorry about (yes we say "about", not "aboot") that, how about we share?

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            Smart Smart

            The state of being so smart that you're smart is smarted to the smartest degree! In other words, it's when you've been able to hook your brain to the internet in a desperate attempt to make you smarter.

            Just think of it like this: Internet of Things + Your Brain = Smart Smart

            Person A - man what a world, we've got smart phones, smart TVs, smart watches, smart frying pans, smart dildos, smart this, smart that, what's next?
            Person B - the Smart Smart!
            Person A - what the hell's that?
            Person B - it's best for me to give you a demo.
            Person A - Um, how are you gonna do that?
            "Person B approaches Person A and in Matrix fashion, hooks a cable to the back of his neck and watches Person A squirm until he's dead... uh I mean connected to the internet"

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              The process of adding a technological component to the technology industry that hasn't been done before. In other words, creating software applications for software applications.

              Think Apps + Apps = more Apps = Techtech, or in other words - Techception

              Person A - man what a world, we've got adtech, cleantech, edtech, fashtech, fintech, foodtech, govtech, this tech, that tech, what's next?
              Person B - Techtech!
              Person A - what the hell's that?
              Person B - well how about I give you a demo?
              Person A - "backs away knowing what happened last time when Person B demo'ed the Smart Smart"
              "Person B takes out his smart phone to display an app whose avatar is using an app that is using the same app that Person B is using"

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