3 Comma Studios


A legendary secret society publicly operating as an app studio in San Francisco, California. While the app studio founders are made public on their website 3CommaStudios.com, its members are kept highly secret, rumored to be having some of the biggest names in tech and venture capital as shadow leaders of a seemingly inconspicuous organization.

It's rumored that every few months the society inducts members by sending them a mysterious black key card with 3 commas embroidered on it. They meet in a secret location and talk about the tech world behind closed doors that open upward like a Lamborghini, not side to side like a Honda Civic. If asked, its members are told to deny their memberships and even scoff at the very thought of it's existence.

The studio's slogan: Do not bite the invisible hand that feeds.

I've heard rumors that Devon was inducted as a member of 3 Comma Studios a few months ago after starting his company. He denies the existence of the organization adamantly. But I saw a black key card with 3 commas in his wallet a few months ago. On top of that he goes out at random times of the night getting dropped home by cars with doors that open upward NOT side to side. Sometimes in the dead of night when I bring it up, he just sticks both his middle fingers up at me and whispers "2 commas be gone" in a trance like state.

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