A term start ups use to justify any corner cutting they have to take to "get shit done"

Jon (developer): Why did you take away all our desks and chairs and replace them with card-board boxes?
Eric (CTO): Jon, we have to be more Agile. Those desks and chairs are paying for one extra EC2 core.

Kelly (developer): Why the fuck did we let Drew write this shitty ass module?
Eric (CTO): We have to be Agile and move at the speed of business. Drew "got shit done".

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    Agile development is a phrase used in software development to describe methodologies for incremental software development.

    Instead of using PRINCE2 methodology. Lets use Agile development.

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      In a medium-sized and growing company, Agile can be a learning experience for everyone.

      BigCo managers learn what it's like to ship tiny things instead of meeting about big things.
      Software engineers learn what it's like to have parental supervision.
      Early employees learn how to quit while they're ahead.

      Manager: "We will remove obstacles from your workflow and refrain from micromanagement."
      Engineer: "We will regularly estimate our stories and log our work."
      Engineer: "Wait a minute, where's Early Employee?"

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