BART which stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit is a rapid transit system that services the San Francisco Bay Area. It is one of the most popular ways to get around the area as they operate 44 stations that cover a large portion of SF Bay. While safe and convenient for the most part, BART is also home to some of the most interesting characters you will find.

Tim: Why does it smell so bad in here? Did that dude just pee on the ground? Why is he taking his pants off now? (NSFW)

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    that guy is really flexible

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    @orien comments are saying why is nobody stopping him but I wouldn't want to fuck with somebody that athletic. especially when they are on drugs

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Stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit.

People are often surprised that the Bay Area has it's own train. It's fun to ride at first, but then one day it hits you.

Jobs: Started from the bottom now we here.

Woz: From a BART train to a private plane.

Jobs: We made it.

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