Churn Rate


Refers to the speed at which you can churn butter. Interns are often graded on this criteria. Higher churn rate makes you more legit in the valley.

Intern: do I really have to churn all of this butter?
Boss: yes it is vital for our equitable stability consumer vision internet of things platform.

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    Other definitions


    Fancy term for the percentage of people that stop using startup's offerings.
    Higher the churn rate, the more screwed up your startup will be.
    Famously used in Andrew Chen's blog article on dating startups

    Investor: So what's the churn rate for your company?
    Founder: Well, in the last 3 months, about 80% of users came back to use our service.
    Investor: So, about 20%. That's pretty good. But that's 80% out of how many?
    Founder: ...

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