Multiply people by dollars


To multiply dollars by people. A situation where the startup is based on arithmetic and primitive desire to get rich. It relies heavily on an assumption that everyone should become a user of the service.

Two people were traveling in the bus and talked about potential startups. Suddenly, one of them saw a janitor, whose orange jacket flashed in the window.
- Oh... Listen, what if we create the social network for janitors? There are many of them in Moscow.
- I wonder how many?
- 50 thousand, I guess.
- And what about other workers?
- Another 50 thousand, no less.
- So then we get 100 thousand of them... They're from Central Asia and most are lonely here, they want to get married and get acquainted with each other. By the way, this target group they consume special type of rice, cottonseed oil...
- So ... Subscription model? Two dollars a month? $24 a year is cheap, right?
- Wait-wait-wait a second! Multiply by 24 hundred thousand and we get...
- Two million four hundred thousand a year!..
- Plus ads!

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  • svhunt svhunt

    hahahahaha that's hilarious. Good to know that such mindset is global.

    over 8 years ago