Smart Smart


The state of being so smart that you're smart is smarted to the smartest degree! In other words, it's when you've been able to hook your brain to the internet in a desperate attempt to make you smarter.

Just think of it like this: Internet of Things + Your Brain = Smart Smart

Person A - man what a world, we've got smart phones, smart TVs, smart watches, smart frying pans, smart dildos, smart this, smart that, what's next?
Person B - the Smart Smart!
Person A - what the hell's that?
Person B - it's best for me to give you a demo.
Person A - Um, how are you gonna do that?
"Person B approaches Person A and in Matrix fashion, hooks a cable to the back of his neck and watches Person A squirm until he's dead... uh I mean connected to the internet"

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