A giant tech corporate founded and headed by Gavin Belson. A company that gets into a legal dispute with Pied Pier for copyright infringement.
It can also be used interchangeably for fu**ing things up all the time.

Zeeshan: how did your exams go?
Matt: Man, I hoolied it up again! I gotta study harder next time.

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    Code Masochist

    A person pursuing a CS degree from a university who finds everything way to easy for his own good, so to challenge himself (or herself) he or she purposely does the projects on the last day so they can feel a comparable amount of pressure to the other students who've sometimes had up to a month to finish. (Can also apply to software engineering employees who do their work irrationally close to the deadline).

    Hai was such a code masochist that he decided to do his upper div cs projects 12 hours before it was due. The professor assigned it 4 weeks ago.

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      Code Ninja

      A euphemism that is used by Bay Area recruiters who don't actually know what in specific they want in a Software Engineer, just someone who can pretty much do everything and anything that's handed to them.

      We're looking to recruit the best Code Ninjas possible for our startup of 4 currently employed non-technical founders. Free pizza will be provided on Wednesdays.

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      • charlesjo charlesjo

        Also used oddly and inappropriately by non-Asians as term of endearment to their Asian-American friends.

        over 5 years ago

      Asshole Gifting

      to present a recently purchased item of large value to others; best done while being Russ Hanneman.

      Dinesh: "So you wanted to show us that you weren't an asshole by showing us the car you just bought for yourself?"

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        Technical Debt

        Reason you give for not shipping shit

        We have a bunch of technical debt we have to work resolve before we can ship X new feature

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          Engineer Unicorn

          An engineer that is competent, good looking, dresses well and is not socially awkward.

          John: How come no other engineers are like David?
          Mary: He's an engineer unicorn. They are rare.

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          • torbenberger torbenberger

            The legend says some of them can be found here http://www.engineerunicorns.com

            over 5 years ago
          • employeeNumbaOne employeeNumbaOne

            "Unicorn" is a common term for an engineer (usually front-end) who also has good taste in design and is able to contribute to UX early on. But "unicorn" is also used for startups that turn out to be breakout successes, like Uber and Airbnb. Silicon Valley really likes unicorns.

            over 5 years ago

          Awesome Journey

          Used when a startup has failed. Intend to give a positive spin on what is a gut wrenching moment.

          While our startup has failed, it has been an awesome journey.

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          10x Engineer

          A developer who incurs technical debt so fast he appears more productive than the ten developers tasked with cleaning his mess up.

          Founder: "We are only looking for 10x Engineers."

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            Noncompete Agreement

            Any agreement by which:
            - The employee pretends they won't go work for the competition.
            - The employer pretends it's enforceable in the State of California.

            Engineer #1: "They wanted me to sign a noncompete."
            Engineers: "AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

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              Uber of...

              Commonly used by startup founders to compare their mediocre startup or idea to the startup unicorn Uber.

              Startup Founder: We're the Uber of food delivery.
              VC: Uhhh... so is everyone else.

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              • iceariel13 iceariel13

                Yep, seamless, delivery,com, munchery, caviar...the list never ends

                over 5 years ago
              • N.Hemingway N.Hemingway

                You should additionally add "Facebook of..." probably the most heard phrase since 2010 ;D

                over 5 years ago

              On Demand

              Another way of saying "for lazy people."

              Meals on demand. That's right, we're revolutionizing the way you get pizza.

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                Adding game elements to normally not game related software or processes in order to increase engagement.

                A: User testing has shown that users don't like our accounting app.
                B: We should really be adding some gamification.
                A: Will that make the app more useful?
                B: No, but more fun!

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                  Startup Dinner

                  4 contractors working evenings

                  Pizza for 4 full time engineers

                  "Yes, you can -definitely- expense dinner."

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                    Social Media

                    The first team to be downsized when you run out of funding.

                    Our social media manager was let go after she accidentally posted that Reddit thread to Twitter.

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                      A term borrowed from the gambling world to refer to higher rollers that drop a lot of cash and make casinos a ton of money. In Silicon Valley, whale refers to high rollers in mobile games. Zynga, Supercell and other mobile gaming companies make most of their money from whales as less than 3% of freemium game players spend any money on in-app purchases.

                      Richard: Lets make our game free so we can attract the most number of downloads and hope that a good percentage of our players convert into whales.

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                        Thiel Fellow

                        A student under the age of 20 handpicked by Peter Thiel to drop out of college and start a company.

                        I dropped out of MIT because Peter Thiel just gave me a $100,000 to realize my dream of creating a social network for dogs.

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                          The "minimum viable product" is exactly like the product you had in mind, except with fewer features and more bugs.

                          Founder: "We're going to validate the market with our MVP."
                          Engineer: "Sweet!"

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                          CRUD App

                          An app that can create, read, update, and destroy information.

                          The proverbial hammer, and every single one of your brilliant startup ideas is a nail.

                          You are looking at a CRUD app right now.

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                            See http://svdictionary.com/words/enterprise, but way, way worse.

                            This word magically redirects investor attention elsewhere.

                            Founder: "Our ideal customer is the federal government."
                            VCs: "We are looking for more immediate ROI at this stage. It's been -really- nice talking to you."

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                              A term start ups use to justify any corner cutting they have to take to "get shit done"

                              Jon (developer): Why did you take away all our desks and chairs and replace them with card-board boxes?
                              Eric (CTO): Jon, we have to be more Agile. Those desks and chairs are paying for one extra EC2 core.

                              Kelly (developer): Why the fuck did we let Drew write this shitty ass module?
                              Eric (CTO): We have to be Agile and move at the speed of business. Drew "got shit done".

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