Teacher Branding

The process of leveraging technology through national media placement, book publishing and coaching to help educators position themselves as celebrity level experts in their subject matter

Chad T. Collins is an edupreneur and advocate for the success of educators through the process of Teacher Branding.

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    Authority Wizard

    Someone who is an authority in a chosen field and is able to use his or her special knowledge and powers to transform others into authority figures.

    T. Allen Hanes, an Authority Wizard graduates another class of authors.

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      Re-Engineering Alchemist

      A practitioner of sophisticated techniques to help one overcome deeply rooted personal limitations leading to a golden transformation.

      Victor Escalante is an International Personal and Corporate Consultant who has helped thousands of individuals overcome deeply rooted personal limitations. His acumen for personal change has earned him the title, The Re-Engineering Alchemist.

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        Startup Founder

        Something you put in your Twitter bio or Linkedin profile when you are starting a stealth company and cannot announce your company to the public but also don't want to miss out on an opportunity to tell other people that you are entrepreneur. The alternative being waiting for your company to be launched before putting it on your Twitter or Linkedin profile

        Startup founder. Working on a Bitcoin startup

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          Customer Service Guru

          Someone who is an expert within the field of serving customers. They are skilled in motivating staff with new ideas and by speaking about the importance of customer service.

          Errol Allen is a very skilled customer service guru.

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            An incredibly douchey way of describing a startup that hasn't raised venture capital or angel money. Technically anything you create is pre-funded so using this adjective only serves to show that you are insecure from not having raised money and that you're desperate for attention.

            We're a pre-funded startup looking for design hackers that want to get their work into production super early and have a real impact on product.

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              Unicorn Graveyard

              The metaphorical graveyard that is projected to encompasses the carcasses of tech companies that have raised VC money with high valuations, unable to deliver the value and results that they promised.

              Alot of people think that Evernote, Dropbox, and Box will be amoung the departed dug deep into the soil of the unicorn graveyard.

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                Design Hackers

                This is a term created out of desperation to make graphic designers, animators, or product desginers seem more tech company friendly.

                James: What's your sister do?

                Marlin: Oh she's a design hacker.

                James: So...like a designer?

                Marlin: Yeah but nah.

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                  Three Commas Club

                  The three comma club is an all exclusive club limited to those whose net worth is valued at a billion dollars or more. The three commas are meant to symbolize the three commas that are present within the billion integer: 1,000,000,000.

                  My uncle started destroying half of his house out of anger upon finding he was now only worth 980,000,000 dollars and was no longer a member of the Three Comma club.

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                    Postmates Shame

                    When you order Postmates from the same place two nights in a row, and get the same courier

                    me: i got postmates shamed. can you get the food instead?
                    roommate: sure

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                    Sweat Equity

                    The equity you put in for your hard work. When an investor uses this term, it's normally a red flag and it becomes obvious that they are probably not a professional investor.

                    I'm takkkin' 45% percent of your comapany cuz I invested 10k into your app. You divide the other 55% amoung your founders as sweat equity.

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                      Favorite Baiting

                      When companies on Twitter like Tweets with specific key words to get you to click on their page.

                      After taking a picture of my ice cream and hashtagging #ILoveChocolate, I received likes from three interracial dieting Twitter pages trying to favorite bait me

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                        VR Critical Mass Prison

                        A metaphorical prison for people who've dedicated more than 2 years of their lives on Virtual Reality startups whose sole existence in the future depends on VR devices reaching critical mass. If it doesn't, they are screwed.

                        Jaime quit making iPhone apps and started developing games on VR. He plays hundreds of hours of Team Fortress 2 every week to escape the fact that he is in VR Critical Mass Prison.

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                          Killing Email

                          A goal that thousands of startups every year pitch with their "unique" web app. This was mostly done because during a time, 1000's of investors would eat this sort of pitch up.

                          Jim: We're making a platform that connects Facebook, Twitter, and your phone contacts and lets you message anyone directly. We're killing email.

                          Zeeshan: Or you're recreating it, but replacing email addresses with social network data?

                          Jim: #ChangingTheWorld

                          Zeeshan: ...

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                            Rubber Duck Debugging

                            A method of evaluating and debugging a set of one's code, where a programmer schizophrenically explains his or her logic to a rubber duck, line by line. This is delineated in a popular book called "The Pragmatic Programmer."

                            Ryan: I can't tell if Satish is crazy or if he's evaluating his Tinder clone app using Rubber Duck Debugging.

                            Sasha: He's just crazy.

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                              Multiply people by dollars

                              To multiply dollars by people. A situation where the startup is based on arithmetic and primitive desire to get rich. It relies heavily on an assumption that everyone should become a user of the service.

                              Two people were traveling in the bus and talked about potential startups. Suddenly, one of them saw a janitor, whose orange jacket flashed in the window.
                              - Oh... Listen, what if we create the social network for janitors? There are many of them in Moscow.
                              - I wonder how many?
                              - 50 thousand, I guess.
                              - And what about other workers?
                              - Another 50 thousand, no less.
                              - So then we get 100 thousand of them... They're from Central Asia and most are lonely here, they want to get married and get acquainted with each other. By the way, this target group they consume special type of rice, cottonseed oil...
                              - So ... Subscription model? Two dollars a month? $24 a year is cheap, right?
                              - Wait-wait-wait a second! Multiply by 24 hundred thousand and we get...
                              - Two million four hundred thousand a year!..
                              - Plus ads!

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                                hahahahaha that's hilarious. Good to know that such mindset is global.

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                              (1) A word that has been ceaselessly bastardized and overused by founders and investors who are too lazy to actually give well thought out advice. When someone tells you to "follow your passion" here, they are essentially copping out and giving you an answer that aims to make them look good without actually professing anything with actual substance. Using this word is only somewhat acceptable when paired with other useful advice, but never alone.

                              (2) An expression used to secretly talk down to someone you find meaningless.

                              James: You got any advice for founders who've just signed on their first hundred customers and are now trying to raise their first round of funding?

                              Prominent founder: Follow your passion.

                              Laura: How about finding technical founders to join you?

                              Prominent founder: If you follow your passion they will come to you.

                              Dan: Any advice on marketing one's product for the first time?

                              Prominent founder: If you show potential customers you have passion, they will buy or subscribe to your product.

                              Matt: Any advice on pivoting from a project you were passionate about?

                              Prominent founder: Yes. Find another passion.

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                              In most instances, metadata is referred to as information that helps you identity what shit is among users exchanging data, without actually seeing it's inward contents. It's like a sealed, labeled envelope of sorts.

                              The NSA can see the metadata of every call and text you make, although they claim they don't actually read what it contains. They can see the fact that you sent a text to your girlfriend, but they claim they don't actually read it unless they have permission by their higher ups.

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                                Hacker News

                                A forum for engineers and entrepreneurs to echo their commonly held beliefs amongst one another.

                                Every morning when I wake up, I spend about 2 hours a day commenting on how shitty new products are and how we're NOT in a bubble.


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                                  The Imitation Iteration

                                  The part of one's product iteration where they decide to imitate aspects of an app that a wide base of users are familiar with out of fear that their innovative new product is way ahead of it's time.

                                  Before Jean's company closed they spend a month stuck on an imitation iteration where they copied nearly every feature of Snapchat until it became a shitty clone of the product.

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