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Palo Alto

Spanish for "tall tree." English for "overly priced land."

The worst part about having to move to California and begin our new software company is living in Palo Alto. I'm working out of and living in a small house I have to split with 6 other guys and we're still paying a fortune!

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    There's a joke: Palo Alto is a 2 exit town. It takes 2 successful venture exits to afford to live there.

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San Francisco

The city of San Francisco is one the most famous cities in the Bay Area, home to the SF Giants, hipsters, a thriving LGBT community, and enough fog to make you consider suicide, commonly referred to as "The City". When non Bay Area natives talk about the Bay Area, they're either talking about SF or Silicon Valley.

Alex: Yo man, you doing something later? It's Friday.
Kim: Yea I'm thinking about heading to The City later for some drinks, probably near Nob Hill or something.
Alex: Sounds chill. Can I come?
Kim: I don't know if it's your scene. The place has pretty hipster bars. They all have PBR on tap for $5 a pint.

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    Man Jose

    Man Jose refers to the city of San Jose, located within Silicon Valley, which contains a large number of male Software Engineers.

    Sam: Why can't I find a nice girl to go out with?
    Mark: What did you expect? You live in Man Jose.

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      Silicon Beach

      The area around Playa Del Rey/Venice where a fuckload of tech companies are moving in. Synonymous with brogrammers and people that wear startup t-shirts in public.

      Brogrammer Intern 1: "These new start-up tanks are clutch! Silicon Beach is the fucking bomb dot com!"

      Brogrammer Intern 2: "Shakabrah dude let's get SugarFish later then hit up the Bungalow since we're rich and gentrifying LA!"

      Brogrammer Intern 1: "Tubular brah let me shave my neckbeard first then we can get hyphy for real my friend"

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      Silicone Valley

      A nickname for Los Angeles, plastic surgery capital of the world. Commonly mistaken for Silicon Valley.

      I'm going down to Silicone Valley this year for an Oscar Party.

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      Silicon Beach

      Silicon Beach is the Westside region of LA that is home to over 500 tech startup companies. It mostly includes Santa Monica, Venice, Playa Vista, and Westchester.

      Notable company offices include Google, Yahoo, YouTube, BuzzFeed, MySpace, and the Snapchat HQ.

      My friends in Berkeley laughed at me when I told them I was interviewing at Snapchat in Silicon Beach. They kept telling me to stop dignifying LA's attempt to have any sort technological relevance. Another guy for some reason thought I said Silicone Beach, which also refers to LA.

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        Silicon Beach



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