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Three Commas Club

The three comma club is an all exclusive club limited to those whose net worth is valued at a billion dollars or more. The three commas are meant to symbolize the three commas that are present within the billion integer: 1,000,000,000.

My uncle started destroying half of his house out of anger upon finding he was now only worth 980,000,000 dollars and was no longer a member of the Three Comma club.

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    Code Gay

    When a developer is attracted to another developer's code. Made popular by Silicon Valley

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      A forgettable person. Often boring but quite intelligent, but usually so socially awkward that a person's mind will naturally attempt to suppress any memory of interactions with 'Jared'. This further contributes to Jared's forgettability.

      Bill: "Jared, what's the status of the new payments module?"
      Jared: "My name is David.. and the module is finished, daily revenue is up by 86% "
      Bill: "Really? that's great! thanks Jared I'll let everyone know."

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        Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti

        Nelson "Big Head" Bighetti was a tenant of Erlich's incubator and is Richard's friend. He is hired by Hooli on a huge promotion to work on Nucleus, Hooli's version of Pied Pier, and to spite Richard. After Big Head is removed from the Nucleus project due to his limited tech knowledge he begins to rest and vest. Later he is promoted to Sole Head Dreamer at Hooli XYZ, a bullshit title and department, because Gavin wants to sue Pied Piper by arguing that Big Head came up with Pied Piper's algorithm while at Hooli.

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          A nickname given to Donald "Jared" Dunn after another employee named "Jared" was supposedly being hired to Pied Piper.

          The meaning was initially "Other Jared", as proposed by the gang, to distinguish between Donald "Jared" Dunn and the new employee. Donald "Jared" changed the meaning to "Original Jared" to make the meaning positive for him.

          OJ was trapped on an island full of autonomous robots for four days; the way he returned was never mentioned.

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            Zero Billion

            Any amount under 1 billion, rendering you off of Forbes billionaire's list, if you round down.

            I'm not a billionaire anymore. I'm a nine-hundred-and-eighty-sixionaire, which isn't even a fucking thing. If you round down, I have zero billion.

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              Three Commas Club

              Three commas to imply a billion dollars as $1,000,000,000 has 3 commas. To be in the three commas club is to be a billionaire.

              Richard’s literalness remains the one thing to rattle Russ. “You know what has three commas in it, Richard?” “A sentence with two appositive phrases in it?”


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                This word's roots comes from the number 1,000,000,000. Which has 3 commas. TresCommas is a club that was formed by billionaires. The word is a hybrid of Spanish and English. "Tres" meaning three (3), and Commas meaning, well, commas ",". The only way to be inducted into the TresCommas Club is to have a net worth of at least 1 billion dollars. Correct usage of the word requires an inter-cap spelling, both the "T" and "C" should always be capitalized to further emphasize what it denotes. Should a club member's net worth fall below TresCommas, membership status is instantly revoked. Members are easy to spot in SV because the cars they drive have Billionaire Doors. TresCommas is also a brand of Tequila, which is only available to members of the TresCommas club.

                I'm in the TresCommas club and have the Tequila to prove it.

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                  Erlich Bachman

                  A man of the hour. He sold his company Aviato. Now, he runs an incubator out of his house which also happens to be where Pied Piper is headquartered in. He invested in a few other ideas which never came to fruition. He played a critical role in coming up with an innovative and truly disruptive dick jerk algorithm.

                  In season two, he helps Richard raise a seed round by going around negging a bunch of investors.

                  There's no need for an example. He is the verb, noun and the everything else that matters in this world.

                  Just watch this, enough said.

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                    A giant tech corporate founded and headed by Gavin Belson. A company that gets into a legal dispute with Pied Pier for copyright infringement.
                    It can also be used interchangeably for fu**ing things up all the time.

                    Zeeshan: how did your exams go?
                    Matt: Man, I hoolied it up again! I gotta study harder next time.

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                      An acronym for How To Meet Ladies NOT that html you're thinking about.
                      Erlich from the show wears a t-shirt with those exact letters, a t-shirt so irresistible that you can't help but to hug him.

                      Meanwhile at a startup event...

                      Matt: Dude, seriously you couldn't find something else to wear for the event?!
                      Zeeshan: Whatcha talking about son? This is my favorite t-shirt. AND all the ladies are going to want to MEET me because I know how to H.T.M.L you know what I mean? ;)

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                        Doors of a billionaire

                        Refers to a car belonging to a member of the three comma club with the doors that go up and down instead of side to side.

                        Russ: Do you wanna know what I have?!
                        Russ: A fu**ing car whose doors open like this.
                        Russ: Not like this like this!


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                          SWOT Analysis

                          SWOT is a planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an idea or decision. Jared is ridiculed by the other members of Pied Piper on Silicon Valley for suggesting SWOT because they think it is corporate and a waste of time.

                          "I've booby trapped the house with corporate resources"

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                            To undermine the confidence of somebody to gain advantage in a situation. On Silicon Valley, VC firms neg Richard to bring down the valuation of Pied Piper but Erlich counters by "negging the neg" to create funding demand for their startup.


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                              Shaving Yaktoseconds

                              An amalgam of "yak shaving" and "shaving yoctoseconds". This line is commonly mistranscribed as "shaving yoctoseconds".

                              "Yoctoseconds" - Second smallest unit of time, above the Planck time.

                              "Yak shaving" - A term often used by programmers to mean a chain of useless activity that is prerequisite to a desired task. Can also mean intentional non-essential procrastination.



                              The line in the show could be interpreted as the team toiling away at even the most miniscule and seemingly-useless tasks to achieve tiny speed improvements.

                              "We're about shaving yaktoseconds off latency for every layer in the stack." -Gilfoyle

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                                Jian Yang

                                A character on the Silicon Valley show that represents your stereotypical asian engineer in the Silicon Valley world. Jian Yang is from China and is often misunderstood due to cultural differences and language barriers.

                                Jian Yang: Which is for burning?
                                Erlich: We don't burn trash in this country. It's illegal.
                                Jian Yang: What about garbage?


                                The actor for Jian Yang, Jimmy Yang doing standup:

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                                  To renter the 3 comma club. Made popular by Russ Hanneman on Silicon Valley.

                                  Russ: Due to some bad investments I joined the 2 comma club but Pied Piper will help me rebillionize shortly

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                                    Erlich Bachman's ex-startup.

                                    Erlich: Take aviato for instance. It's not a name I found. It's the name that found me.

                                    Erlich: I'm the founder of aviato.

                                    Erlich: Like A~V~I~A~T~O

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                                      Dick Jerk Algorithm

                                      Highly sophisticated algorithm devised by Pied Piper engineers where one can jerk off 4 dudes at once.
                                      This algorithm inspired Richard to come up with an advanced middle out algorithm.
                                      Dick to floor. D2floor.

                                      ummm, enough said...

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                                        Brain Rape

                                        Intellectual property robbery thinly disguised as acquisition talk. Usually committed by a big company on a startup. Yelp got brainraped by Google back in the day.

                                        Erlich: They're brainraping us right?
                                        Gerald: They definitely are.
                                        Erlich: Shit!

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