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Erlich Bachman

A man of the hour. He sold his company Aviato. Now, he runs an incubator out of his house which also happens to be where Pied Piper is headquartered in. He invested in a few other ideas which never came to fruition. He played a critical role in coming up with an innovative and truly disruptive dick jerk algorithm.

In season two, he helps Richard raise a seed round by going around negging a bunch of investors.

There's no need for an example. He is the verb, noun and the everything else that matters in this world.

Just watch this, enough said.

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    A version control system used by everybody. If you don't use it, you're probably a git.

    Joe: I don't use git.
    Bill: You're a git.

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      Chris Bosh

      An NBA basketball player that promoted computer science in a video. Some people are skeptical that a 6'10 power forward making 20m a year is coding in his free time but its possible.

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        Bus Factor

        The number of people that need to be hit by a bus before their project is dead.

        "Our engineers work in teams of 10 for the higher bus factor"

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          It is well known that engineers make a "SPOF" sound when hit by a bus.

          about 8 years ago

        Vanity Metrics

        Useless data that looks good but does not necessarily correlate real success.

        Bob: Our website gets a million views daily!
        Mark: How many of them are you converting to paid users?
        Bob: Well.. we are still working on that.

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        Ride Sharing Tension

        The tension a user of Uber Pool or Lyft Line feels when they feel obligated to make small talk with other passengers.

        "Shit he's right next to me. Do I need to talk to him? It's already been 5 minutes since he got into the car though. Dammit I'm using regular Uber next time."

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          Dressing the part

          When an engineer that normally wears contact lenses puts on glasses for a job interview or pitch meeting.


          Jennifer: You seriously think wearing glasses is going to help you get funded?
          David: It's called dressing the part and it works so stop talking.

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            Does anyone make money around here?

            Users of venture backed startups and residents of Silicon Valley ask this question frequently. They do not understand how a lot of social apps such as Snapchat and Facebook (before they started to run ads) are able to raise so much money at sky high valuations without generating revenue.

            For on demand services such as Uber, Instacart and Caviar they do not understand how signup credit, promo codes and referral credit can be offered so frequently.

            Jim: Let me get this straight. Snapchat is worth $10 billion now and they haven't made any money? Just now I read Uber is offering $100 signup credit, $50 credit for every friend I refer and a one time promo code of $20 off of my first ride. Does anyone make money around here?

            Tim: You realize Uber has raised $1 billion dollars every month for the past 12 months right?

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              Zero Billion

              Any amount under 1 billion, rendering you off of Forbes billionaire's list, if you round down.

              I'm not a billionaire anymore. I'm a nine-hundred-and-eighty-sixionaire, which isn't even a fucking thing. If you round down, I have zero billion.

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                A word used by startup founders to justify the unethical tactics they use to grow their companies.

                Jen: Did you really just scrape all of that site's content and then email their users to promote your own website? Omg thats so admirable. You're so scrappy

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                  Pain Points

                  The parts of your (imagined, potential) customer's business process that makes him/her want to jam their sushi chopsticks up their nose and slam his/her head onto his/her desk.

                  The parts of your new technology you created that make your customers reach for the chopsticks. They're totally forgotten by you, because your kludge to work around them have become an invisible habit (unknown knowns).

                  Reporter: "What happened to this one, doc?"
                  Coroner: "Another double, trans-nasal frontal lobotomy. His pain point was trying to paste an Excel spreadsheet into a web-based ERP system."

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                    Rubber Duck Debugging

                    Many programmers have had the experience of explaining a programming problem to someone else, possibly even to someone who knows nothing about programming, and then hitting upon the solution in the process of explaining the problem. In describing what the code is supposed to do and observing what it actually does, any incongruity between these two becomes apparent.

                    "Hey dude, are you talking to someone?" Nah dude, I'm just rubber duck debugging. "Oh cool, thought you were crazy."

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                      Culture Reset

                      The CEO's or CTO's reason for firing half of the engineering department.

                      "Steve, with our new culture reset, we're going to have to let you go. You just didn't fit the culture."

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                        A catch-all euphemism for "douchebag." Frequently used to a) describe one's self in a Twitter bio/LinkedIn headline or b) describe others when you're not really sure what they do exactly, but it probably has something to do with disruption or artisanal donuts or growth hacking or some shit.

                        Your LinkedIn headline: "Innovator/CEO of Douche, The World's First Ephemeral Craft Beer Wearable."

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                          The go-to self-descriptor for social media marketing professionals in their 20-somethings. They, like, totally know social media and can tweet for your brand and stuff. Used interchangeably with guru, expert, ninja, etc.

                          I went through these résumés and threw out anyone who referred to themselves as a "social media maven."

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                            Who's Hiring

                            A once-a-month opportunity for startups and tech companies get their grimy hands on the website HackerNews and post their job listings. Qualifications often include being a code ninja ( or a 10x engineer ( for little pay and long hours because you get equity, yo.

                            HackerNews: 'Who's hiring?'
                            Every startup: 'we are and we're the best bc of culture and stuff, yo.'

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                              Hovering Art Director

                              Anyone who stands over you and tells you to do something on your screen.
                              Originates from ad marketing but applies to design and development.

                              Ted: "Click on that and drag it to the left. Great, now move that down. More. More. Good."
                              Nancy: "Stop smudging my screen, you hovering art director!"

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                                Dave Ratio

                                It's very difficult to achieve gender parity at a startup, given the toxic culture. The next best metric, is to compare the number of men named dave, to the number of women. Reference

                                Alex: It's hard finding a company that has a reasonable number of women.
                                Kourtney: Have you tried working at a company with a 10:1 dave ratio?

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                                  Also known as "The Internet".

                                  Bill: "I'm currently working in Cloud-Based Employment Solutions Research."
                                  Ted: "Are you looking for a job on Craigslist?"
                                  Bill: "....yes."

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                                    Ramen Profitable

                                    When a startup makes enough money to pay for the founders' living expenses. To read more check out Paul Graham's post on it

                                    Matthew: Just because it's called ramen profitable doesn't mean you need to be eating ramen all the time. There are other foods in the same price range.
                                    Kilim: Wait I don't?

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