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FOMO = an acronym for "Fear of Missing Out"

The team was exhausted from attending/pitching at multiple conferences during the same week, but pressed on- motivated by FOMO that their dream angel investor might be present.

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    So many events to many clients to find...

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Acronym for Get Stuff Done. Prior to this term, nothing was getting done.

OH: I admire people who focus and GSD.

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    X for Y

    A way entrepreneurs use to describe their startup to customers and investors so they can quickly grasp how their product works. It is done by comparing your startup to another successful company that likely pioneered its business model.

    My startup is Airbnb for cars = people can borrow your car when you are not using it
    My startup is Uber for food = food will be delivered to you on demand
    My startup is Urban Dictionary for Silicon Valley =

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      BART which stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit is a rapid transit system that services the San Francisco Bay Area. It is one of the most popular ways to get around the area as they operate 44 stations that cover a large portion of SF Bay. While safe and convenient for the most part, BART is also home to some of the most interesting characters you will find.

      Tim: Why does it smell so bad in here? Did that dude just pee on the ground? Why is he taking his pants off now? (NSFW)

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        that guy is really flexible

        almost 9 years ago
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        @orien comments are saying why is nobody stopping him but I wouldn't want to fuck with somebody that athletic. especially when they are on drugs

        almost 9 years ago

      Pickup Hacks

      A nerdy term thrown around that denotes strategies to ask women (or men) out.

      Winston: Yo Bob got any Pickup hacks?

      Bob: Yeah. Stop compensating for traits that you think you lack, by putting down every person you meet for their "lack of intelligence."

      Winston: Fuck, I can't do that. I'm playing DOTA tonight instead.

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        Lord of the Bings

        The guy or girl in your network who exclusively uses Bing to either be a hipster or to look good because they work at Microsoft.

        James: Hey can you look up the name of Dan Garcia's new textbook.

        Rob: Sure I'll Bing it.

        James: All hail thee, Lord of the Bings.

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        Lead Investor

        When raising a large round of seed money, the lead investor is your headliner that makes it more convincing for other investors to get on board.

        After Ashton Kutcher became our lead investor, every bloodsucking leach in the valley decided to send me emails asking if they could get in on the round.

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          Working Remotely

          Sounds fancy, but its basically when someone is too lazy to go to the office so they do minimal work from home. If they do this often enough they take a picture of their computer at a nice coffee shop or dining table saying how lucky they are to have the job they do to mask their small amount of shame.

          Lowe: I got 20 likes on my Facebook picture of me working remotely.

          Ryan: Your an unfunded startup founder, you ALWAYS work remotely.

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            Swoop n' Poop

            When a stakeholder, manager, or client who has not been involved in the project drops into a meeting and adds extra functionality requirements or makes comments that change the scope.

            Everything was going fine until Chad came in out of no where and pulled a "Swoop n' Poop". Now we are three days until deadline and have to scrap the whole thing!

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              Silicon Valley

              Silicon Valley - The place where hundreds of thousands of people work twice as hard and spend twice as much to live as anywhere else from believing the lie that it will make them fabulously wealthy that is fed to them by the hundreds of people that they are making fabulously wealthy.

              I live in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the future.... and who are you?
              I left Colorado to get rich in Silicon Valley, but now I can't drive for Uber anymore because I can't afford to fix my car....

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                Teacher Branding

                The process of leveraging technology through national media placement, book publishing and coaching to help educators position themselves as celebrity level experts in their subject matter

                Chad T. Collins is an edupreneur and advocate for the success of educators through the process of Teacher Branding.

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                  Authority positioning

                  Authority positioning enables a person or a company to be perceived as the go-to expert in their industry.
                  Also called authority branding.

                  Ida Giroday is an international authority positioning consultant and success coach for women entrepreneurs. She helps her clients become the leader in their field and fast-track their success.

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                    Quora is a overhyped startup unicorn that is jealous of Reddit's +500 million monthly visitors and was founded by a former Facebook employee. On Quora where you can ask questions about how to get rich, how to pitch investors and gossip about famous companies like Google, Apple and Facebook. Oh, and also stalk Jimmy Wales and Adrian Lamo.

                    Now seriously: A Q&A website where you can ask questions about anything and have article-length answers written by Top Writers or Ph.D.s who spend nearly 2 hours writing superb answers full of images, graphics and details that are above your comprehension and that later will probably be posted to Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Forbes, BBC, The New York Times, Slate, Buzzfeed, Huffington and Washington Post or any other popular news-media website.

                    Now seriously, seriously: A Question and Answer website where you can ask and answer questions about any topic and interact with highly intelligent people from all over the world and get happy when your content is sent on their daily email called "Quora Digest" to over a million people.

                    Tired of that shit, now for real: Quora is the best place on the internet to find the best answer for your questions. (It'd certainly be if it had more users).

                    Lisa: Hey, Jon, today I got over 200,000 views on my answers on Quora!
                    Jon: Quora? What's Quora?
                    Lisa: Quora is a website similar to Yahoo Answers where you can ask and answer a lot of interesting stuff!
                    Jon: Oh, cool.
                    Jon: Well, being relevant to that number of people on Twitter or Facebook is a different story, isn't it?

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                      Quora is an excuse for bloggers who don't want to admit they blog.

                      almost 9 years ago
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                      pity you can't post this to Quora.

                      almost 9 years ago

                    This Guy Fucks

                    Made popular by Russ Hanneman on the Silicon Valley show. It is just something to say when you want to mess with somebody. Meaningless. Could also mean this guy has a lot of sex but its impossible to tell.


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                      A catch-all euphemism for "douchebag." Frequently used to a) describe one's self in a Twitter bio/LinkedIn headline or b) describe others when you're not really sure what they do exactly, but it probably has something to do with disruption or artisanal donuts or growth hacking or some shit.

                      Your LinkedIn headline: "Innovator/CEO of Douche, The World's First Ephemeral Craft Beer Wearable."

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                        Buzzfeed Writer

                        A mediocre writer, but decent list builder. Their article titles usually follow the model: [Number] [Subject] So [Hyperbole] You [Claim]

                        10 Clickbaity Titles So Enticing You Have To Click

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                        Starbucks Office

                        When a scrappy startup founder brings his monitors and laptop to Starbucks to set up a coffee shop office. Often done when the home office has become too mundane and a change of scenery is needed.

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                          Short for: Undead developer
                          See related: Undead

                          A developer who is constantly in a braindead state, having become accustomed to a severe degree of apathy (causes may vary) and low motivation. Usually, groups of them are found in companies with a highly lucrative business model coupled with low competition in their segment of the industry.

                          Identifiers: Unable to think, learn, or communicate despite repeated encouragement, instruction, and subsequent reprimanding.

                          Some studies have shown that undev-ness is contractable, but the means by which it spreads continues to elude scientists.

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                          Someone who wants to start a company so he or she can garner social proof from it all, instead of someone who has an innovative idea that could possibly make money.

                          Although alot of the Wharton MBA's are quite intelligent, many of them are wantrepreneurs who just want to tell girls that they are the CEOs of companies.

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                          • Ismael Ismael

                            Also popularized by Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

                            over 8 years ago

                          Bus Factor

                          The number of people that need to be hit by a bus before their project is dead.

                          "Our engineers work in teams of 10 for the higher bus factor"

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                            It is well known that engineers make a "SPOF" sound when hit by a bus.

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