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Going Incognito

Going off the map for a period of time to peruse places in an unrecognizable fashion. This is normally done to satiate a curiosity of yours that you are to ashamed for even a single friend to be aware of.

This originates from the incognito tab on most internet browsers. Going incognito prevents any cookies or search engine history from being saved.

Matt: Where the hell is Joey?
Zeeshan: On my Facebook timeline, I think I saw him like and then unlike the status of this peculiar store in Mission. I bet he's going incognito for a couple of days.

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    Medium Self-Help

    A genre of of Medium articles aiming to simultaneously enrich the readers lives and indirectly boost a first-time writers confidence and popularity.

    They can range from articles on how to have better relationships with the people around them to how to handle startup stress. Normally everything is anecdotal and nothing is really verifiable.

    Zeeshan: Check out my new medium article, "How to Passion Your Way to Success."
    Matt: That title...what does it even mean? 50 retweets already?
    Zeeshan: Nobody knows what it means. But it's provocative!
    Matt: What...
    Zeeshan: It gets the people going.

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      When someone invites you to have an informal one on one meeting with them, with the implicit understanding that they are trying to recruit you to his or her company. This almost always done when someone is working at another company.

      This is my poaching strategy, George:

      When we're at lunch, I'll be super friendly to the person I'm inviting. We won't even TALK about work for the first 20 minutes. If my work comes up I'll tell them how awesome everything's going and how we're growing at an absurd rate.

      Then I'll ease into the conversation asking how work is going at their company.

      As SOON as they start to say something negative about their current working experience I'll ask them more about it and sympathize with them. I'd tell them that we'd love to have them on our team and after that I'll offer to pay the bill.

      Finally, I'll invite them to my office, "just to check it out." From there 95% of the work is done and we just start talking about dates they could possibly join in. It's all casual though. If they want to move, this is the opportunity they'll normally seize.

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        Tinder Bait and Switch Advertising

        An almost laughable form of advertising in which a person or company pretends to be an attractive girl or guy on Tinder. After getting alot of matches, they'll send links to the person they matched with usually after the other person has worked up the courage to hit on them and ask them out.

        George: Damn girl you're so damn fine. I wanna take you in my Prius and drive you up and down the Bay Bridge.
        Bait and Switcher: I like you too George.
        George: Fuck Tinder is awesome, I want to meetup Julie.
        Bait and Switcher: You should check out my site. I sell protien powder that makes you have big gainz
        George: Uh...

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          Pistol Ship

          To ship one's code without checking it. This is normally done out of a combination of hubris and laziness.

          Jack: I feel like Clint Eastwood, I've been pistol shipping compiled code all day. I love working at Facebook.

          Lewis: Facebook is down.

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            Using a productivity tool called Slack to get work done or communicate with one's team. This can easily be confused to mean "not doing one's work."

            Jack: You've been getting alot done.

            James: Yeah man, I've been slacking all day.

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              Periscope Plug

              Advertising a product or service using Periscope either through your own live stream or someone elses's.

              I tuned in to watch to Jack Dorsey's Periscope to watch him interview the founder of Blue Bottle. Little did I know that it wouldn't be conversation on coffee, but instead a giant periscope plug for his other company Square. He just kept asking questions about how Square transactions benefit his business.

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                The Rift

                A title given to denote virtual reality. Popularized by people who have spent immense amounts of time in an Oculus Rift headset and were unable to fully communicate the things they had seen and experienced while present in what they consider a different realm.

                Recruiter: Why should we hire you for our VR division?

                Jack: Aye. In my time I have seen many things in the Rift. Things the likes of you, could never imagine...

                Recruiter: Why are you crying?

                Jack: I held my virtual daughter in my arms as the light vanished from her eyes. I fought dragons in Russia trying to protect the refugees of a city that's now burnt to the ground. I spent almost two years in isolation in the Rift reading about the ancient tombs of Java Script and Lisp. I'm hoping that this position will help me forget about my past. My time in the Rift.

                Recruiter: Why am I crying...

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                  Quora Thirsting

                  When someone yearns for something in the form of a question on Quora, without any qualification or perceived purpose that they will take action in pursuing it.

                  This is when people ask questions about how they can get hired from a company, accepted into a University, get in contact with someone famous, or ask how do something that probably already know the answer to.

                  James: i postd a good questyen on hoaw to get in2 Standfurd.

                  Lewis: You were Quora thirsting so bad in that post that I am now embarrassed to be seen in public with you.

                  James: I'm nao posting a ?n on how it's lyke to go to Standfurd cuz I wannnt to kno


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                    This just means Operating System. When you hear this just think "Windows" or "Mac OSX"

                    I hate myself so I installed the Windows Vista OS on my brand new laptop.

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                      150ft Rule

                      A company wide standard at Google that says that not even a single area of the office can be situated at a distance exceeding 150 feet, from sources of food.

                      When I work I constantly have food at my desk. It's a delicious life. The main reason I never want to leave Google is the 150ft rule.

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                        Follow Marketing

                        When an individual using their own account or their business account follows customers on Twitter with the intention of getting them to view their profile and see their sales pitch.

                        In an attempt to kick start the awareness of his new protein powder made from peanuts and edible soap, Jack decided to do follow marketing, following every bodybuilder he could in hopes that they would check his Twitter profile to see his buy 1 get 2 free special.

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                          A term given to creative people employed at Pixar and Disney. When engineers say that they are imagineers, people tend to figure out they work at Pixar and a part of their soul dies after digesting what they've said.

                          Justin: I'm a software engineer at TubeMogul. What do you do?
                          Dave: Well I'm glad you asked! I'm an IMAGINEER at Pixar...wait where are you going?

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                            A techie way of saying Input/Output.

                            All you really need to know is that it communicates between an information processing system, such as a computer, and the real world, possibly a human.

                            This is not to be confused with .IO, which is a tld people use to name their sites with because they are too lazy to negotiate for the .com.

                            A computer that uses memory-mapped I/O accesses hardware by reading and writing to specific memory locations. This basically means your computer will help you initiate commands with your Macbook's hardware.

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                              A feature on the popular media sharing app, Snapchat that lets you pay the same friends that you send the pictures you're too embarrassed to post on Facebook with.

                              James: I'll pay for breakfast, just SnapCash me back.

                              Lewis: Hell no, I'm jut going to use Venmo.

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                                Does anyone use Facebook Messenger's version of this?

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                              Irreplaceability Tipping Point

                              The point in one's career in which being kept on the payroll, will costs less than firing and hiring someone to fill that same job. This is typically used to refer to engineers who've shipped a sizable amount of code making it an extreme pain to fire them and teach someone old code left by another author.

                              Jack: You went to Yale, you should start your own company.
                              Zeerek: Nah, as the lead engineer and part time PM on the Microsoft Bing team, I am slowly reaching the irreplaceablity tipping point of my career, in which I'll be able to show up, do minimal work, and laugh my way to the bank until I'm old and decrepit.
                              Jack: I don't know whether you're lazy or incredibly smart.
                              Zeerek: I like to think I'm both.

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                              I Could've Built That Fallacy

                              The fallacy in which someone believes that they were capable of building something before an already more popular version of a product has come out.

                              In many instances this fallacy is contained by engineers working at companies or in academia in an indirect attempt to belittle the success of founders, claiming how trivial it is to build said app. It can also be a feeble attempt to make up for their unrealized internal inferiority complex. In reality they might have been able to code it, but not conceive it's details, key features, and brand identity.

                              George suffered from the I could've built that fallacy for weeks after Snapchat received an offer from Facebook for over a billion dollars in talked about acquisition. He built his own version while working at Google, but it only had 5 users. He was happy he didn't quit his day job.

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                              Legacy Code

                              Legacy code is source code that relates to a no-longer supported, manufactured operating system or other computer technology.

                              To punish Lewis, the senior engineer decided to make him read and edit legacy code for an entire week.

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                                An artist and cultural icon from Berkeley, California who many regard as "the rawest rapper in the game." To many of his fans he's simply known as The BasedGod and to many's surprise, he's quite plugged into life in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

                                I went to the free LilB concert on the UC Berkeley campus today. We pretty much spent the night bobbing our head to his mastermind music, while doing the LilB cooking dance. It was fantastic.

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                                  @Username Ignore

                                  When someone mentions a famous person in a semi-popular tweet, but is brutally ignored by the person they mentioned.

                                  Jerry: Did you see the Sam Altman tweet, tagging Snoop Dog saying how he would've been an awesome candidate as the new CEO of reddit.

                                  George: Yeah Snoop @Username Ignored him though. I feel bad for him. Really left the guy hanging.

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