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Silicon Beach

The area around Playa Del Rey/Venice where a fuckload of tech companies are moving in. Synonymous with brogrammers and people that wear startup t-shirts in public.

Brogrammer Intern 1: "These new start-up tanks are clutch! Silicon Beach is the fucking bomb dot com!"

Brogrammer Intern 2: "Shakabrah dude let's get SugarFish later then hit up the Bungalow since we're rich and gentrifying LA!"

Brogrammer Intern 1: "Tubular brah let me shave my neckbeard first then we can get hyphy for real my friend"

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Soylent Diet

Refers to the diet of busy entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Instead of eating like normal human beings these entrepreneurs drink Soylent, a powered meal replacement, because it is more efficient than chewing and using knife and fork.

Check out this New York Times article for more about this interesting phenomenon.

Matthew: Wow have you heard of Soylent? It will allow me to work throughout the day without wasting any time to eat like these foodies out here. I only wish it came in a backpack so I could attach a feeding tube between it and my stomach and have it on the go.

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    A web blogging platform where independent users write out their opinions that get featured in categorized groups called "Medium Collections."

    These articles don't adhere to any real journalistic standards, but are nice to read because in many instances they reaffirm your already deeply held beliefs.

    I just wrote 3 articles on Medium on how starting a startup is a really difficult but worthwhile journey. It got picked up and shared by 213 Twitter users.

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    Someone who wants to start a company so he or she can garner social proof from it all, instead of someone who has an innovative idea that could possibly make money.

    Although alot of the Wharton MBA's are quite intelligent, many of them are wantrepreneurs who just want to tell girls that they are the CEOs of companies.

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    • Ismael Ismael

      Also popularized by Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

      over 6 years ago

    Buzzfeed Writer

    A mediocre writer, but decent list builder. Their article titles usually follow the model: [Number] [Subject] So [Hyperbole] You [Claim]

    10 Clickbaity Titles So Enticing You Have To Click

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    Facebook Friend

    Somebody you met in real life once who is useful for increasing your friend count and possibly the like counts of your latest selfies but likely someone you will never talk to again.

    "I don't know who Jane is but she's liking my photos so she stays."

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      When someone invites you to have an informal one on one meeting with them, with the implicit understanding that they are trying to recruit you to his or her company. This almost always done when someone is working at another company.

      This is my poaching strategy, George:

      When we're at lunch, I'll be super friendly to the person I'm inviting. We won't even TALK about work for the first 20 minutes. If my work comes up I'll tell them how awesome everything's going and how we're growing at an absurd rate.

      Then I'll ease into the conversation asking how work is going at their company.

      As SOON as they start to say something negative about their current working experience I'll ask them more about it and sympathize with them. I'd tell them that we'd love to have them on our team and after that I'll offer to pay the bill.

      Finally, I'll invite them to my office, "just to check it out." From there 95% of the work is done and we just start talking about dates they could possibly join in. It's all casual though. If they want to move, this is the opportunity they'll normally seize.

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        Supporting a cause in the laziest way possible, usually on social media. You feel like you're helping without getting out of your chair.

        "I see in my feed you retweeted every single ice bucket challenge video. You should get an award for your slacktivism."

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          this one's great

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          Thought this could be on Slack which would make audience even smaller. "I've done my part in the movement since I discussed it in my private Slack group."

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        The Does It Exist Check

        The process after one comes up with a startup idea in which a person vehemently searches Google and the iOS app store to see if their idea exists some way, shape, or form.

        Steve: I came up with 10 startup ideas today.
        Zeeshan: Did they pass the "Does it Exist Check?"
        Steve: Only one did.
        Zeeshan: What is it?
        Steve: A social network in which one can allow their pets to interact with each other online
        Zeeshan: So you mean a Facebook for cats and dogs?
        Steve: Birds and fish too.

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        Sweat Equity

        A modern socially acceptable form of labor exploitation where the allure of an infinitesimally small probability of success entices normally intelligent people to freely exchange their time, skills and social capital for the ridiculously accessible status of "working on a startup."

        Typically equity-for-anything, though the most vivid examples are commission-only sales roles: if you take on all of the up front risk to get people interested in our product (with zero effort from us), you might make a little money in the process.

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          US Bitcoin Legislative Arms Race

          This references the pressure Bitcoin startups have to show significant traction or get acquired before the United States outlaws the use of Bitcoin (whether this will or will not happen is of course debatable).

          Look man, because of the US Bitcoin Legislative Arms Race, our job is to make enough sales and sell out before the House and Senate make some extreme move in banning Bitcoin and making our company essentially worthless here in the US. I don't want to move to Greece man.

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            Silicon Beach

            Silicon Beach is the Westside region of LA that is home to over 500 tech startup companies. It mostly includes Santa Monica, Venice, Playa Vista, and Westchester.

            Notable company offices include Google, Yahoo, YouTube, BuzzFeed, MySpace, and the Snapchat HQ.

            My friends in Berkeley laughed at me when I told them I was interviewing at Snapchat in Silicon Beach. They kept telling me to stop dignifying LA's attempt to have any sort technological relevance. Another guy for some reason thought I said Silicone Beach, which also refers to LA.

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              FOMO = an acronym for "Fear of Missing Out"

              The team was exhausted from attending/pitching at multiple conferences during the same week, but pressed on- motivated by FOMO that their dream angel investor might be present.

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              • @WeTeachGeeks @WeTeachGeeks

                So many events to many clients to find...

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              Fuck You I Made It Burn

              When someone whose reached any level of success posts the emails, IMs, or correspondence between them and anyone whose rejected them publicly prefacing it all as motivation for others to continue working hard toward their goals.

              Man I felt so good reading Brian Chesky's, 7 Rejection's Medium post last Sunday. Reading those rejections word for word and blurring out the name of the person sending it, probably made it the best and most subtle Fuck You I Made It Burn of the year.


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                Startup/Big Co Power Couple

                When one member of a relationship works at a more well-known tech company, while the other works on a startup. This ensures that the couple can at least pay rent while the other member of the relationship pursues something new.

                Because Milly works at Netflix and Erik is working in a startup revolving biotic limbs, they are are a strong startup/bigco power couple who're said to be going places while still being relatively secure.

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                The action of equating technical genius with young white males that are college dropouts.

                "This guy seems like a great fit for our team."
                "Seriously? He doesn't have a Github, are you sure you're not Zuckerberging?"


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                  Of course you brought race into this...

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                Product Hunt

                An app well known by tech people in Silicon Valley as a way to discover new startups and apps


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                A period of time usually around 24 hours, in which teams of programmers and designers build out a working project and display it to judges at the end.

                How Hackathons are judged vary completely on the theme and personal preference making it an extremely relative competition.

                Sloan: What are you building for this years hackathon?

                Jim: I'm building a Python interpreter.

                Sloan: Why?

                Jim: Because I think a robot who could communicate with snakes and humans could be incredibly useful.

                Sloan: ...

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                • Bwenamai Bwenamai

                  Usually by coders that have no idea if there is any meaningful market for their hack.

                  almost 7 years ago

                CS Fix My Shit Fallacy

                The false assumption that anyone who can code or has a computer science degree can fix your computer or any household electronics.

                Marco: Hey you study Computerz at that fancy university don' you? Could you fix my toaster?

                Julian: Hell no. Why would I know how to do something like that.

                Marco: Because computerz are basically more advance toasterz.

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                  Code Couple

                  Programming partners (in work or school) that are also involved with one another romantically.

                  Jeremy and Liz are the hottest code couple at Stanford. I hear after finishing their compilers projects they hold hands and read quantum computing books until both their bodies are exhausted.

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