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Fuck you money

When you make enough money from a startup or job that you can basically do whatever you want. Usually from equity after a liquidity event.

Engineering manager: Congrats on the IPO everybody. See you guys on Monday.
Engineer: I'm not sure about that
Manager: You think you can do whatever you want now you have that fuck you money?
Engineer: Sorry sir. I just got a little excited

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The Woz

Legendary Apple Co-Founder and alumni of UC Berkeley rumored to have mystical power beyond human understanding. A lounge in UC Berkeley's Soda Hall is named after him in his honor.

The Woz has somehow managed to outlive his co-founder Steve Jobs, who ironically cared alot more about his diet and health than he did. I wonder what he knows that the world doesn't.

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    Which Steve?

    A question often posed my computer programmers who seek to make a point that Steve Wozniak could write code and Steve Jobs couldn't (making him the superior founder in their minds). It's often used to indirectly defend their own insecurities in their lack in ability to communicate with other human beings or make things that people actually want.

    Erlich: When I sold my company, Aviato, I wanted to give back. That's why I started this place, to do something big. To make a difference. You know, like Steve.
    Richard: Uh, Jobs or Wozniak?
    Richard: Steve Jobs or Steve...
    Erlich: Oh, I heard you.
    Richard: Which one?
    Erlich: Jobs.
    Richard: I mean, Jobs was a poser. He didn't even write code.

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      Startup T-shirts

      When you combine poor college students, too lazy to do laundry with free startup branded t-shirts you get the greatest growth hack in Silicon Valley. It's a win win for everybody.

      Chris: You realize by wearing that Dropbox t-shirt you are providing free advertising for them right?
      Kilim: I have nothing else to wear though.

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