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Creating underground sub-communities within larger social sites (such as Reddit). Vile, nasty, unsavory and questionable content is then pumped into these underground sub-communities. The goal is to either bring legions of impressionable, immature people to their cause (such as misogyny for the purpose of taking out Hillary Clinton - much like the Tea Party's hatred of blacks), or to simply create an earthquake that brings down Internet communities. The goal here is to abuse so-called "free speech" rights to the point of destruction of the host.

Since President Obama faced no more elections, the conservative/libertarian weirdos fracking Reddit with racism, now switched to misogyny by using Ellen Pao as a proxy for Hillary Clinton.

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    Rental Property

    The only real way to make money in Silicon Valley.

    Owning Silicon Valley rental property sure beats working for a living!

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      An adjective to describe a start-up or technology that thrashes resources in the economy, because causing people to lose their means of income and scotching the value of resources is super fun and awesome.

      This disruptive vegetable/fruit-picking technology will help migrant laborers lose their jobs so they can go back to their homeland and get decapitated by drug cartels.

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        Single Point of Failure

        When your start-up has only one unisex toilet for the whole building.

        Our single point of failure is backed up to "the cloud" (or "the butt")

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          Pain Points

          The parts of your (imagined, potential) customer's business process that makes him/her want to jam their sushi chopsticks up their nose and slam his/her head onto his/her desk.

          The parts of your new technology you created that make your customers reach for the chopsticks. They're totally forgotten by you, because your kludge to work around them have become an invisible habit (unknown knowns).

          Reporter: "What happened to this one, doc?"
          Coroner: "Another double, trans-nasal frontal lobotomy. His pain point was trying to paste an Excel spreadsheet into a web-based ERP system."

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            Reverse Communism

            When money is taken from venture capitalists and other wealthy types, and given to coders. Profitability is a vague thing that will happen sometime in the distant future (maybe).

            In 1991 communism was defeated, only four years later, the spectre of Reverse Communism haunted the SF bay area from 1995 until the spring of 2001.

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