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Escape Velocity

Speed at which meaningless buzzwords escape the lips of Pebble-wearing hipster entrepreneurs and Fitbit-wearing overweight VCs, when talking about rapidly growing start ups. Currently clocked at an average of 240 wpm.

VC: How do you plan to achieve your projected engagement numbers?
Entrepreneur: We plan to hack together a MVP by leveraging weekly Scrums and neutralize our burn r...
VC: I think you just achieved escape velocity.

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    Data Scientist

    A statistician who lives in the Bay Area.

    Q: How many Data Scientists does it take to implement a Spark stack?
    A: All of them, since at first they tend to have a Hive mind.

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      Silicon Prarie

      A coin termed in the late 90s to reference the tech booms impact on the telecom industry found in Chicago's Western Suburbs. This disappeared after the first tech bubble burst.

      Recently this term has been repurposed to describe the new tech startup scene coupled with suburban tech companies moving to Chicago's downtown in the 2010's.

      Rahm: California has Silicon Valley, here in Chicago we are building the Silicon Prairie.

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        Two Comma Club

        Having an income or net worth that is equal to or greater than $1,000,000. This income or net worth generates a number that requires two commas and therefore puts the person into exclusive status as a high income earner or wealthy individual.

        John sold his company for $2,000,000 and joined the two comma club.

        Reference: http://www.twocommaclub.com/definition-of-two-comma-club/

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