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Pornogaphy Leads to Innovation

The belief that software that allows high sharability of human sexual expression, grows and pushes internet technology forward. This notion is often applied to high res video streaming technology and VR apps.

Ronald: They say that the one thing that pushed high streaming 1080p content was the desire for triple xxx sites to have better selections and product. Even the Occulus president says they are allowing NSFW apps on Rift.

Lewis: Pornography leads to innovation I suppose...

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    The Fake Female Avatar Phenomenon

    A phenomenon in which over 75% of female avatars online or in games are men just pretending to be women to get attention.

    I used to take advantage of the Fake Female Avatar Phenomenon when pretending to be a female orc on World of Warcraft. Desperate guys would give me gold and help me pay for college because of the stories I'd feed them.

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      Snapchat Stealth Marketing

      Pretending to be a celebrity or model, getting alot of followers, and then plugging your website in between stories.

      Julius has 10,000 followers on Snapchat all who think he's a Parisian model. He's just taking pictures snaps of some random model on the internet.. Sometimes he writes his website name on some of the pictures as a Snapchat Stealth Marketing tactic.

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        An ephemeral photo and text sharing app.

        It's mostly known as a Snapchat competitor that Mark Cuban is trying to make cool by tweeting about and making team announcements on for the Dallas Mavericks (which he is the owner of).

        Now that Mark Cuban has retweeted me, I'm going to delete Cyberdust.

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          A cringe worthy television show where entrepenurs are handpicked by executive producers and the investors have to act like they don't have any information about the startups who are pitching them.

          James Snow: I watched 2 seasons of Sharktank, I think I'm ready for Silicon Valley.

          Emma Motson: You know nothing James Snow.

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            Code Crushing

            Naming the variables in your code after the person you have a crush on.

            Diane: Let me take a look, maybe I can help you debug.

            Ryan: Wait NO!

            Diane: Why is my name everywhere in your codebase.

            Ryan: I've been code crushing ever since you joined the company last week. I'm just too much of a coward to tell you my feelings.

            Diane: That's pretty obvious. I found you bug though. You left out a parenthesis.

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            Overtime Dinner Tradeoff

            Normally if an employee stays until 7pm (two extra hours after they are free to go) the office gives them a 15 dollar credit toward dinner. Many employees don't mind staying an extra two hours at their mostly well-funded office to not have to shell out cash for dinner every night. The office wins with two hours of extra labor and the employee wins with not having to worry about dinner.

            Many companies use systems like Waiter.com to diversify food choices as well, so everyday the employee gets 15$ of food from a new restaurant.

            Jim: I saved a total of 500$ this month on food.

            Lee: God...the overtime dinner tradeoff is the one of the only things making me consider joining a big company. I'm sick of eating 5 dollar footlongs every day.

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            Working Remotely

            Sounds fancy, but its basically when someone is too lazy to go to the office so they do minimal work from home. If they do this often enough they take a picture of their computer at a nice coffee shop or dining table saying how lucky they are to have the job they do to mask their small amount of shame.

            Lowe: I got 20 likes on my Facebook picture of me working remotely.

            Ryan: Your an unfunded startup founder, you ALWAYS work remotely.

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              Startup Marketing Intern

              Free labor for early stage startups that normally do data entry and social media related work. They don't normally get paid but want a job for the summer so are willing to do whatever to add to their embarrassingly empty LinkedIn page.

              Jack: Holy shit Max! You're company is huge. You already have 9 people here.

              Paul: Don't be too impressed Jack. 7 of them are unpaid marketing interns.

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              Startup Wet Dreaming

              A nocturnal emission that occurs at the thought of one's startup being acquired or achieving vast success.

              Julie: These sheets....what the hell. Are you cheating on me?

              Ryan: Sorry babe, I've been startup wet dreaming ever since Tech Stars accepted our team. Love ya.

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              Not equal. This is a boolean symbol sometime also written in social media

              Cats != Dogs

              Unicorns == Unicorns

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                Stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit.

                People are often surprised that the Bay Area has it's own train. It's fun to ride at first, but then one day it hits you.

                Jobs: Started from the bottom now we here.

                Woz: From a BART train to a private plane.

                Jobs: We made it.

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                  Lord of the Bings

                  The guy or girl in your network who exclusively uses Bing to either be a hipster or to look good because they work at Microsoft.

                  James: Hey can you look up the name of Dan Garcia's new textbook.

                  Rob: Sure I'll Bing it.

                  James: All hail thee, Lord of the Bings.

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