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Waterloo's most difficult and arguably best engineering discipline. Noted by its difficult admission process, large number of top tech emloyees/startup founders and highest suicide rate (per student enrolled) in Canada

Person A: what did they guys behind the MYO at thalmic labs study?

Person B: They were the fortunate few that actually made it through Mechatronics at Waterloo without killing themselves

Person A: isn't that the same as they guys behind bufferbox and kik messenger?

Person B: Yeah, they are probably all laughing at their classmates at Google, Facebook and Apple who took offers over starting their own company.

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    Pre-IPO Bubble

    A currently "non-occuring" speculative bubble where there is an increasing number of pre-ipo companies with ridiculous valuations which will never reach investor expectations

    Economist: it seems like the dot com bubble is happening again except companies are pre IPO

    VC: woah, this start up has expential user growth must be the next unicorn! Better invest now.

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      The bullshit an entrepreneur spews to investors to convince them of a high valuation since the seed money will allow the startup to grow immeasurably. Usually followed by more bullshit, greater valuations and eventually and a low revenue to evaluation ratio and companies which never attain revenues to justify their evaluation.

      Currently the greatest contribution to the startup bubble.

      Person A: How can that startup afford golden toilets and helicopter rides to work?

      Person B: Of course they can, they are pre-revenue and focusing on growth!

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      No Free Lunch

      A theorem which states that tech companies offering not free lunch are making profit off their employees.

      Commonly used by companies such as amazon, Microsoft and Apple to get overpaid staff's salary back

      Founder: I had an alternative stream of revenue idea using no free lunch theorem

      Co-founder: worked for Apple and Amazon, should work for us!

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