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Swoop n' Poop

When a stakeholder, manager, or client who has not been involved in the project drops into a meeting and adds extra functionality requirements or makes comments that change the scope.

Everything was going fine until Chad came in out of no where and pulled a "Swoop n' Poop". Now we are three days until deadline and have to scrap the whole thing!

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    Duel Income, No Kids - A co-worker who is married to another tech who makes as much as you do. They don't have any kids and spend their time buying things on Amazon Prime, paying for movies on Apple TV, drinking wine from an online wine delivery club, and drive their BMWs to spin class, yoga, and to drop their dogs off at doggie-daycare.

    "Must be nice to have a partner that makes as much as you do. You DINKs have it all."

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      Freeze yr eggs, bitch. I'm sure your career will improve so that you can feel OK to have kids.... someday. Hahaha sucker.

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    Adding Wheels To A Moving Car

    Expecting the design or development team to scope a feature without definition or complete explanation while the product is being built.

    Them: "How long would it take you to add this feature to the product?"
    You: "I'm not sure I understand what the product and feature even is, let alone how to estimate it."
    Them: "Well, just give me a ballpark..."
    You: "That would be like adding wheels to a moving car."

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      Hovering Art Director

      Anyone who stands over you and tells you to do something on your screen.
      Originates from ad marketing but applies to design and development.

      Ted: "Click on that and drag it to the left. Great, now move that down. More. More. Good."
      Nancy: "Stop smudging my screen, you hovering art director!"

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