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Starbucks Office

When a scrappy startup founder brings his monitors and laptop to Starbucks to set up a coffee shop office. Often done when the home office has become too mundane and a change of scenery is needed.

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    Sellsword Engineer

    An engineer with almost no personal startup ambition who sells his talents to the highest bidder. They are often silent unless spoken too and in many instances perceived as judging you without even hearing them speak a word. If your a startup founder, you must be ready to spend some serious coin to recruit one these guys and girls.

    Even though he'd worked at Twitter for years building out many of their core products, he had no hesitation switching to Google X, when they offered him 10k more a year.

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      Corporate Storyteller

      This is an actual job title given to people in Silicon Valley whose job it is to humanize the narrative of a company. The companies that have a position like this are so soulless and out of touch with regular people that they need to keep someone on their payroll to do this for them.

      Jane became a corporate storyteller at Salesforce after the company realized they were too out of touch with everyday people.

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        The Imitation Iteration

        The part of one's product iteration where they decide to imitate aspects of an app that a wide base of users are familiar with out of fear that their innovative new product is way ahead of it's time.

        Before Jean's company closed they spend a month stuck on an imitation iteration where they copied nearly every feature of Snapchat until it became a shitty clone of the product.

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