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This changes everything

Nothing has changed. Pure marketing


Introducing the iPhone 4. This changes everything.

Added by zazpowered zazpowered about 9 years ago

  • charlesjo charlesjo

    Love it. Although, I did love my iPhone 4S. And it still runs like ALL Apple products I have ever owned!

    almost 9 years ago
  • thepaleking thepaleking

    Doesn't change much to be honest, 99% marketing 1% decent phone

    over 8 years ago

Fuck you money

When you make enough money from a startup or job that you can basically do whatever you want. Usually from equity after a liquidity event.

Engineering manager: Congrats on the IPO everybody. See you guys on Monday.
Engineer: I'm not sure about that
Manager: You think you can do whatever you want now you have that fuck you money?
Engineer: Sorry sir. I just got a little excited

Added by zazpowered zazpowered about 9 years ago


Crushing it

Achieving exceptional success with something.

Jess is totally crushing it with her new Uber-for-VC-funding app. She's already been hunted.

Added by Travis Travis about 9 years ago

  • charlesjo charlesjo

    Founders use this term until "Awesome Journey."

    almost 9 years ago


Refers to the variety of technologies used to build and maintain your website, app, or service. Might also refer to a large amount of pancakes.

Son: Hey pops, wanna throw another stack on my plate? Pass the syrup too.
Pops: No son, your stack needs to maintainable, don't let your code base get out of control!

Added by zander zander about 9 years ago



    A catch-all word the rest of the world can use for 90% of this dictionary, while still remaining smug about having used it.
    *Works great in movies as well.

    Joe: I don't get it...
    Bill: It's simple: I put it in the Cloud! Duh.
    Joe: Oh, okay. I get it now.

    Added by dc2 dc2 about 9 years ago


      Engineer Unicorn

      An engineer that is competent, good looking, dresses well and is not socially awkward.

      John: How come no other engineers are like David?
      Mary: He's an engineer unicorn. They are rare.

      Added by pygmyknight pygmyknight about 9 years ago

      • torbenberger torbenberger

        The legend says some of them can be found here

        almost 9 years ago
      • employeeNumbaOne employeeNumbaOne

        "Unicorn" is a common term for an engineer (usually front-end) who also has good taste in design and is able to contribute to UX early on. But "unicorn" is also used for startups that turn out to be breakout successes, like Uber and Airbnb. Silicon Valley really likes unicorns.

        almost 9 years ago

      Uber of...

      Commonly used by startup founders to compare their mediocre startup or idea to the startup unicorn Uber.

      Startup Founder: We're the Uber of food delivery.
      VC: Uhhh... so is everyone else.

      Added by ssc242 ssc242 about 9 years ago

      • iceariel13 iceariel13

        Yep, seamless, delivery,com, munchery, caviar...the list never ends

        almost 9 years ago
      • N.Hemingway N.Hemingway

        You should additionally add "Facebook of..." probably the most heard phrase since 2010 ;D

        almost 9 years ago


      Adding game elements to normally not game related software or processes in order to increase engagement.

      A: User testing has shown that users don't like our accounting app.
      B: We should really be adding some gamification.
      A: Will that make the app more useful?
      B: No, but more fun!

      Added by graup graup about 9 years ago


        Code Ninja

        A euphemism that is used by Bay Area recruiters who don't actually know what in specific they want in a Software Engineer, just someone who can pretty much do everything and anything that's handed to them.

        We're looking to recruit the best Code Ninjas possible for our startup of 4 currently employed non-technical founders. Free pizza will be provided on Wednesdays.

        Added by yungsnuggie yungsnuggie about 9 years ago

        • charlesjo charlesjo

          Also used oddly and inappropriately by non-Asians as term of endearment to their Asian-American friends.

          almost 9 years ago