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Bear Goggles

Similar to beer goggles, bear goggles refer to a the influence of studying at UC Berkeley on one's visual perception, whereby one slowly finds someone attractive who would not have been attractive before studying at UC Berkeley.

James: What do you think about her? She's pretty hot, right?
Dave: What are you on? You said she was hideous last semester. Did your optometrist prescribe you bear goggles?

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San Francisco

The city of San Francisco is one the most famous cities in the Bay Area, home to the SF Giants, hipsters, a thriving LGBT community, and enough fog to make you consider suicide, commonly referred to as "The City". When non Bay Area natives talk about the Bay Area, they're either talking about SF or Silicon Valley.

Alex: Yo man, you doing something later? It's Friday.
Kim: Yea I'm thinking about heading to The City later for some drinks, probably near Nob Hill or something.
Alex: Sounds chill. Can I come?
Kim: I don't know if it's your scene. The place has pretty hipster bars. They all have PBR on tap for $5 a pint.

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    Title Promotion

    A title promotion is a like a normal promotion, except without any increase in compensation, whether salary or otherwise. This is typically used to make engineers feel more important and get them to do more work without actually paying them for it.

    Calvin: I just got promoted to Senior Software Engineer! I get to manage a team and maintain existing code!
    Jerry: Are you getting paid more?
    Calvin: No, but think of how exciting this opportunity is!
    Jerry: ...

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      A bug is a flaw in software that causes an unintended result. Most bugs arise from errors in written code, rather than from a computer itself. Due to the prevalence of engineer-created bugs, some programmers sardonically refer to their bugs as "surprise features".

      Albert: Is there a bug in your code? I can't log into my account.
      Justin: That's a feature. The site is telling you to go outside and take walk.

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        Man Jose

        Man Jose refers to the city of San Jose, located within Silicon Valley, which contains a large number of male Software Engineers.

        Sam: Why can't I find a nice girl to go out with?
        Mark: What did you expect? You live in Man Jose.

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