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Stanford engineer

Smart and entrepreneurial. Usually from a privileged background.

John: Hey you can you look for an office? We will need one soon
Bob: My dad has a house he can lend us. Is that fine?
John: That works.

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    Janitor at startup

    Sometimes startup founders or executives will use this as their title to appear humble but it ends up being super obnoxious.

    Matthew: why are you listed as janitor on LinkedIn aren't you the CEO?
    Kilim: Oh I just wanted people to ask me about it so I can tell them my real position.

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      Tres Commas

      Spanish for three commas as in 1 billion dollars or $1,000,000,000

      After the IPO of his company Matthew is now part of the tres commas club

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        Resting and vesting

        When you have equity in a company that hasn't fully vested yet and stay at the company even though you have no real role there.

        Matthew: Why are you on the roof park all the time, aren't you the VP of marketing?
        Hemant: Yes but that's just a title. I'm really resting and vesting

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          Berkeley Engineer

          An engineer that graduated from UC Berkeley, pretty nerdy, not interested in starting their own company

          Travis: Hey I have an idea for a new taxi service, do you want to join as a cofounder?
          Kilim: No I think I want to work for google. It's very prestigious.

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            @davidheming3 I agree. I actually went to Berkeley and I think we are doing well in entrepreneurship but we are still behind Stanford, especially with companies that have started recently. Also this was tongue in cheek and just something I observed in some friends.

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            You mean to say that Berkeley engineers and non-engineering alums founding Intel, Apple, Myspace, Sandisk, Sun Microsystems to name a few is not entrepreneurial enough? UC Berkeley is #2 or #3 when it comes to undergraduates pumping out entrepreneurs, not too far behind Stanford.

            almost 9 years ago