Coffee Maker


In many offices a coffee maker refers to a machine that produces coffee. In Silicon Valley however, a coffee maker is an actual human being (normally an intern) whose job it is to grind the coffee beans by hand and brew drip coffee.

In many places it is culturally unacceptable to drink coffee that isn't freshly brewed or use beans that aren't single origin.

Bill the Intern: Here's your coffee Justin.
Justin: Thanks Bill. The kale leaves on the side are a nice touch. *sips.* Bill come over here for a second.
Bill the Intern: What can I do for you Justin. I hope your enjoying the Tesora blend they had on sale at Philz.
Justin: First off, you disgust me. Second off, I never want to see your face in this office again. I hope it goes without saying that you are THE worst coffee maker this company has ever had. What have we learned today?
Bill the Intern: Single origin only...
Justin: Good. Now get out.

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