Does anyone make money around here?


Users of venture backed startups and residents of Silicon Valley ask this question frequently. They do not understand how a lot of social apps such as Snapchat and Facebook (before they started to run ads) are able to raise so much money at sky high valuations without generating revenue.

For on demand services such as Uber, Instacart and Caviar they do not understand how signup credit, promo codes and referral credit can be offered so frequently.

Jim: Let me get this straight. Snapchat is worth $10 billion now and they haven't made any money? Just now I read Uber is offering $100 signup credit, $50 credit for every friend I refer and a one time promo code of $20 off of my first ride. Does anyone make money around here?

Tim: You realize Uber has raised $1 billion dollars every month for the past 12 months right?

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    This question means different things depending on who's asking it and when.

    1. When customers start asking this, the company is Pre-Revenue.
    2. When investors start asking this, it's about to be a Down Round.
    3. When the founders start asking this, it's been an Awesome Journey.


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