A period of time usually around 24 hours, in which teams of programmers and designers build out a working project and display it to judges at the end.

How Hackathons are judged vary completely on the theme and personal preference making it an extremely relative competition.

Sloan: What are you building for this years hackathon?

Jim: I'm building a Python interpreter.

Sloan: Why?

Jim: Because I think a robot who could communicate with snakes and humans could be incredibly useful.

Sloan: ...

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  • Bwenamai Bwenamai

    Usually by coders that have no idea if there is any meaningful market for their hack.

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A team of sweaty engineers in a cramped coworking space building a product that will never see the light of day. Business and marketing types can assist this effort by bringing caffeinated drinks. Brought to you by Amazon.

At the end, the most vaguely marketable product might get investor attention. If so, it will use AWS forever.

Engineer (excitedly): "I'm going to a hackathon this weekend!"

Engineer (exhaustedly): "I went to a hackathon this weekend."

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