Overtime Dinner Tradeoff


Normally if an employee stays until 7pm (two extra hours after they are free to go) the office gives them a 15 dollar credit toward dinner. Many employees don't mind staying an extra two hours at their mostly well-funded office to not have to shell out cash for dinner every night. The office wins with two hours of extra labor and the employee wins with not having to worry about dinner.

Many companies use systems like Waiter.com to diversify food choices as well, so everyday the employee gets 15$ of food from a new restaurant.

Jim: I saved a total of 500$ this month on food.

Lee: God...the overtime dinner tradeoff is the one of the only things making me consider joining a big company. I'm sick of eating 5 dollar footlongs every day.

Added by HalfLife3 HalfLife3 about 8 years ago