When someone invites you to have an informal one on one meeting with them, with the implicit understanding that they are trying to recruit you to his or her company. This almost always done when someone is working at another company.

This is my poaching strategy, George:

When we're at lunch, I'll be super friendly to the person I'm inviting. We won't even TALK about work for the first 20 minutes. If my work comes up I'll tell them how awesome everything's going and how we're growing at an absurd rate.

Then I'll ease into the conversation asking how work is going at their company.

As SOON as they start to say something negative about their current working experience I'll ask them more about it and sympathize with them. I'd tell them that we'd love to have them on our team and after that I'll offer to pay the bill.

Finally, I'll invite them to my office, "just to check it out." From there 95% of the work is done and we just start talking about dates they could possibly join in. It's all casual though. If they want to move, this is the opportunity they'll normally seize.

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