The bullshit an entrepreneur spews to investors to convince them of a high valuation since the seed money will allow the startup to grow immeasurably. Usually followed by more bullshit, greater valuations and eventually and a low revenue to evaluation ratio and companies which never attain revenues to justify their evaluation.

Currently the greatest contribution to the startup bubble.

Person A: How can that startup afford golden toilets and helicopter rides to work?

Person B: Of course they can, they are pre-revenue and focusing on growth!

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The purist form of startup. A startup that is valued for billions of dollars without recording any sales revenue. Typically, less revenue demonstrates a higher valuation by "Early Stage Investors"

Investor: 'What's your revenue model?'
Founder: 'At the moment, we are pre-revenue...we are focused on user acquisition and securing a unicorn valuation for our Series A'

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